22 Things People From Other States Realise When They Move To KL For The First Time

Malls everywhere.

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1. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence, but they can also be very unpredictable

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3pm also jam? Rain also jam?

2. That's why you must plan trips wayyyy ahead of time

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3. Even so, there are still times when you run late for meetings

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"On my way" is now your default reply to every "Where are you?" text.

4. Everything here is expensive. Food is expensive...

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If you find a place where you can dine for under RM10, better keep it a secret.

5. ... parking is also expensive

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6. That is, if you can find a place to park in the first place

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Parking lots are precious and people will fight for it.

7. It's every man for himself when it comes to driving

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You gotta be a bit garang if you want to survive driving in KL.

8. The road signs are so damn confusing

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How am I supposed to look at so many signs while driving?

9. You actually need apps to help you get somewhere

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Back home, you knew all the roads based on popular landmarks. You didn’t even have to know roadnames!

10. It’s a much "bigger" city but it can get claustrophobic

Cannot. Breathe.

11. Water cuts happen so often

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Is KL running short of water or what...?

12. When KL people say "nearby", they actually mean 20 minutes away, not 5!

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Driving your car anywhere in KL can turn what you think will be a 10-minute errand into an hour-long excursion, and you still won't make it to your destination. -__-

13. So you just stay in most of the time

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14. SO MANY MALLS! And you can have the same chains and stores within walking distance from each other.

Image via Kuala Lumpur

Back home, you only had one McD’s.

15. The malls are ALWAYS packed on weekends. Not just "many people" packed. It's "WHERE DO THESE HUMANS COME FROM" packed.

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You have to head out early if you wanna beat the crowd.

16. Going anywhere feels very far because of the loooong stretch of highways you have to drive on

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KL people seem to be okay with distance!

17. Getting stuffed and sandwiched when you take the monorail after working hours

Time to get up close and personal with a bunch of strangers.

18. Buses are never on time...

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Okay, to be fair, they’ve improved quite a bit!

19. "Why so many mat rempits after 12am?!"

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20. Why is everyone always in a rush? You’ll soon start walking and driving faster too…

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21. There’s a lot more stuff to do in KL to keep you occupied. It’s more "happening" during the weekends.

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22. And so many makan choices for you to choose from for your late night supper cravings!

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KL never sleeps!

How long has it been since you moved to KL? What was your first impression of the city? Tell us in the comment section below!

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