This 10-Year-Old Girl Had To Sign A 'Contract' With Her Family Before Getting An iPhone 6

There are 12 conditions she has to adhere to!

Cover image via Farha Saiful/Twitter

It's common for children to own smartphones in this day and age.

What's uncommon though, is what this girl had to do before getting hers.

10-year-old Yasmine Saiful Bahar was handed a "one-year renewable phone loan" contract, dated 8 December, before she received an iPhone 6 from her family. 

The contract was written by her elder sister, Farha, who was enrolled in Business Law for one semester.

Farha explained in a tweet that a few people made sure that terms of the contract were reasonable. 

Yasmine's phone contract contained 12 clauses

They include:

- To pray on time,
- Charge the phone only until it is full, and unplug it immediately after,
- Never let the phone battery die, as this may reduce the battery's performance,
- Never use mum and dad's phones,
- Never bring it to the toilet,
- Never bring it to school,
- Never use it at the dining table,
- Ask for permission before downloading any applications,
- Be responsible for any extra data usage if it runs out, unless gifted more,
- Read the Quran every day or a minimum of 6 times a week,
- Never call friends when out with family, and
- Never skip tuition. 

If Yasmine fails to adhere to the terms, she will be required to return the phone to her father.

The 10-year-old then signed the contract after receiving "legal advice"

Farha told SAYS that Yasmine received "legal advice" from her aunt before signing the contract. 

In another tweet, Farha explained that Yasmine had been saving to get things she wants

Yasmine even saved for two years to buy herself a Nintendo Switch! 

Way to go, Yasmine!

While Yasmine entered a tough contract to get her iPhone 6, this man made false police reports so he could buy a new iPhone every year:

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