This BTS-Themed Wordle Made By ARMY Will Make Your World Light Up Inside

Now ARMYs have something to pass the time with while waiting for the Bangtan Boys to return from their hiatus.

Cover image via BTS (방탄소년단)/Facebook & BTS Wordle

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To add more colourful squares to our Twitter feeds, BTS' ARMY created and launched their own version of popular word puzzle Wordle

It was only a matter of time before the meteoric rise of Wordle would lead to clones and spin-offs of the game appearing online. The latest one is dedicated to music sensation BTS, all thanks to BTS fan account @btschartdata using the clone project hannahcode.

With its regular chart updates, listening parties, and other features that cater to its 2.2 million Twitter followers, the account is understood to be a prominent part of the BTS fandom.

Now, this brainteaser of a game has overtaken its fandom and is being played by everyone.

There's only so much the fans can do to pass the time while waiting for the Bangtan Boys to return from their hiatus.

So how do you play BTS-Wordle?

The BTS-themed puzzle follows the same rules as the original Wordle, where players get six attempts to guess a five-letter word connected to the award-winning K-pop group.

Image via BTS-Wordle

With BTS-Wordle, the correct letters in the right place will turn purple, which is BTS' signature colour, instead of green in the original word game

Another difference is that the colour orange is used to indicate a letter that exists in the word but is in the wrong place, instead of Wordle's yellow. @btschartdata decided to maintain grey to show that the letter does not exist at all in the guessed word.

Image via BTS-Wordle

The outcome looks something like this:

I don't consider myself a fan of BTS yet somehow got lucky here.

Image via BTS-Wordle

The major difference from the OG, of course, is that the right answers are always about BTS

The words can range from song titles, to the septet's names or even other trivia and fun-facts connected to the group. Popular guesses so far have included members Jimin and J-Hope's names, solo tracks, the group's mixtape-related work, SoundCloud releases, and more.

Since this expansion of the Wordle craze also only has one secret word per day, players will still need to be cautious of spoilers by shameless citizens on Twitterjaya.

Now that ARMYs have their very own brainteaser to look forward to on the daily, waiting for their favourite septet to return won't be so bad

According to Bandwagon, following BTS' sold-out, four-day residency at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles in 2021, the group is currently on their first official break since 2019.

Based on the band's statement, they will return in March 2022 for a concert in Seoul and a new album sometime this year.

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