This Guy Lets His 43cm-Long Pet Centipede Crawl All Over Him In Video

Your nightmares will never be the same again.

Cover image via Caters News Agency (edit)

There are cat-lovers, there are dog-enthusiasts.

And there's this.

A Taiwanese biology student named Neil Cheng Le keeps a 43-cm long, venomous female centipede as his pet.

When he bought it in 2014, the creepy-crawly was merely a fraction of its size and was estimated to only grow as long as 30cm.

In a video posted by Caters Clips on 15 January, the 43cm-long Peruvian giant was seen crawling all over Neil's body right before munching on cat food

"My roommate is just as crazy as me, he has his own venomous pets," Neil told Caters News Agency.

Though the trust is evident between the two, Neil warned that his unique companion is not for first-time pet owners

"She has always been very gentle and easy to handle. However, you need the right experience and knowledge to keep them healthy," he told the news agency, adding that "only experts should handle the dangerous critters."

Their bites can be very painful. However, Neil revealed that he never feels unsafe with his pet because he's an experienced arthropod hobbyist.

"I have no problem letting her crawl over me and hand feeding her."

When the centipede stings, it will use its pincer-like front claws

The bite can cause agonising pain, a blistering rash, nausea, and fever, revealed the 26-year-old.

According to InsideEdition, the centipede's bites are so venomous that it can incapacitate prey 15 times its size.

Take a deep breath and watch the video below:

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