This M'sian Guy Wrote A Catchy Song For Drivers Who Don't Use Their Indicators

Use your signals lah.

Cover image via @brysonlew (Instagram)

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Forget romantic serenades! We need a song about using your turn signals while on the road because some people actually need the reminder.

We often hear that accidents happen because drivers do not use their signal to indicate when they want to change lanes.

So, content creator Bryson Lew took it upon himself to create a special song called The Signal Song to remind drivers to do so when they're driving.

A snippet of his song went viral after he shared it on his Instagram account, garnering over 4.2 million views and more than 201,000 likes.

The song isn't just catchy, but it's also a hilariously relatable message for every frustrated driver who gets cut off by non-signalling drivers

"I met people who don't use signals, is this your father's road? Use the signal lights before turning into the corner. If not, listen to this song," the lyrics said.

Blinkers are just a considerate gesture to let others know your intentions (cuz we're not mind readers obviously :p). This small gesture can contribute to a more cohesive and safe driving culture.

Using your signal doesn't take much effort, it's literally just the flip of a switch.

Bryson puts it best: "Use your signal please, not sure what's so difficult about it? Not using the turn signal doesn't make you a great driver."

Beyond the infectious beats and the chorus you can't help but sing along to, Bryson's song features a cute little choreo, check it out here:

And here's the full song:

Poor road traffic safety was one of the reasons why Malaysia ranked the 18th most dangerous travel destination in the world:

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