This Human Eye Dice Looks So Creepily Real And WTF It Blinks

Creepy but cool.

Cover image via Masataka Shishido (Provided to SAYS)

Remember the guy who made this human flesh-like coin purse?

Well, he's back again and it just keeps getting cooler each time.

Take a look at his latest creation of a human flesh-like dice with an EYEBALL!

Japanese artist Masataka Shishido, who is also a disc jockey called DJ Doooo, told SAYS that it took him three months to make this dice.

On the sides of the flesh-like cube, you can see numbered dots similar to a regular dice.

But the captivating part is the realistic-looking eyeball that stares into your soul.

And yes, it blinks too.

When SAYS asked him how it works, Masataka revealed that he makes it blink with a separate controller. 

However, he said that he can't reveal too much about how he makes it. 

If you think that is genius, the DJ has previously made nose shot glasses... complete with nose hairs

Pour a drink and have a sip from its nostrils.

And he's also made a useful human ear bottle opener

Imagine whipping one of these out during your house parties or gatherings.

And a human flesh-like belly button, which doubles up as a record adapter

A record adapter is the small plastic or metal insert that goes in the middle of a record so it can be played on the standard size spindle of a turntable.

So gross yet so cool.

Watch him put his eye dice to sleep by stroking it:

The artist's creation, which went viral last year, was this flesh-like mouth coin purse:

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