This Rat Was So Fat That She Needed 9 Rescuers To Help Remove Her From A Manhole

She thicc.

Cover image via Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar/YouTube

A chubby rat was recently found in a rather tight spot after she got herself stuck in a manhole cover

On Sunday, 24 February, the helpless rat was spotted by two women in Bensheim, Germany, who tried to help the rat but were unable to lift the manhole cover.

According to BBC, animal rescuer Michael Sehr and an entire team of volunteer firefighters received the unusual call and immediately went to her aid.

Armed with crowbars, the team of nine men started by lifting the heavy drain cover and propping it up with rubber wedges

"The rat had quite a lot of winter fat and got stuck on its hips – nothing was going forward and nothing back," Sehr told news agency DPA.

Although it took several attempts, Sehr was eventually able to push the curvy rodent's butt out of the hole and released it back into the sewer.

The rat may have escaped physically, but not much can be said of her reputation

This comment though definitely takes the win

We see you, Remy. We feel you.

Image via Giphy

You can watch a video of the incident below:

Perhaps this little boy can relate too:

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