The Ultimate List Of All The Aunties We Meet In Gatherings During The Festive Seasons

Nothing is the same without them around.

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In our lives, we come across many different types of people and that includes the aunties in our lives. Here are the types of aunties we encounter especially during the festive seasons:

1. That one aunt who forever can't believe "how much you've grown up" each time she sees you

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In her mind, you're always the little kid who just started school even though you're a working adult already.

2. The fabulous tai tai who's up-to-date with all the latest fashion and make up trends

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The fabulous tai tai whose CNY clothes is the first thing you notice besides the angpow...

3. The aunt who always pampers you and takes good care of you

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She's also your favourite aunt! But you don't say that out loud of course, in case the other aunts get jealous. ;)

4. The one who can't seem to stop talking about her own kids' achievements...

In her world, her kids can do no wrong!

5. ...meanwhile, there's the aunt who only criticises her own kids

She's secretly proud of her kids but she just never says it out loud. Especially not in front of others.

6. The one who refuses to let age define her. Yup, she's the cool and hip aunt.

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She was probably the first aunt to add you on Facebook. She also has the coolest stories and lets you try alcohol when everyone else isn't looking.

7. The God-fearing, superstitious auntie. Her favourite phrase? Choi choi choi!

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Don't let her catch you washing your hair on the first day of CNY. EVER!

8. There’s always one whose first words are “WAH, YOU PUT ON WEIGHT AH?"

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She's as blunt as it gets. Sometimes it makes you wonder if she has a filter at all.

9. That one auntie who is always asking when you're finding a partner or getting married or having a kid. YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE FROM HER IDEALS!

She can seem a bit nosey, but she's just misunderstood. She's just concerned and she hardly gets to see you, so she’s trying to get up-to-date with your life.

10. The domestic goddess who knows how to solve even the most complicated household conundrums

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She's a Wikipedia to all your household troubles and woes that even Google couldn't fix.

11. The health-conscious auntie who eats weird food and makes everyone else try them

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"Nowadays ah, I drink lemongrass water everyday before breakfast. Very good for your immune system!"

12. The one constantly with the latest scoop about everything on everyone

From TVB to Hollywood to the neighbour down the road, she’s got her radar on.

13. The auntie who can never sit still, running around checking and making sure everything and everyone is doing ok

"Have you eaten yet? Want something to eat? Let me make you something!"

14. That one aunt who always has something to complain about

If you've learned anything, it is to not take offence to anything she's saying. Although she doesn't have the nicest words, but she actually has a heart of gold.

15. The boisterous and cheerful life of the party who brings the family together

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With her around, there's never a second of awkward silence. Get-togethers are always more fun with her there!

Whoever the aunties are in your life, each are little bit different. They might even possess a few of the traits mentioned above, or maybe all of them!

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At the end of the day, most importantly, we still adore them and are grateful for them in our lives!

So, the next time you think they're boring, let these aunties prove to you that you can never be too old to have fun while looking good!