[VIDEO] 12-Year-Old Chinese Boy Goes Viral For Having A Meltdown While Tutoring His Sister

I guess this is how most math teachers feel when we butcher our math problems.

Cover image via @娜小妞 (Douyin)

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A video of a 12-year-old boy from Anshan, China, recently went viral for ugly sobbing in frustration when helping his younger sister with her math homework

The boy's frustrations were captured on video, which was uploaded to Chinese social media platform, Douyin on 12 October.

The frustrated lad can be seen crying profusely as he tries to point out his nine-year-old sister's mistakes in her math exercises.

Meanwhile, behind the camera, the boy's mother nonchalantly told her exasperated son that he, "can't become a teacher."

The video has garnered 145,000 likes and a whopping 44,000 comments since its upload.

The most hilarious parts of the video came from the boy's comments on his sister's incompetence in her homework

"I gave her the answer. There are three right angles in the picture but she still insists that there are two right angles. She's so stubborn...," he cries out while bowing his head in defeat.

Despite her brother clearly being a total mess behind her, the nine-year-old cheekily smiled to herself, presumably amused by her brother's behaviour.

But, she seemed to have reached her limit with her brother's antics too.

Netizens on Douyin found the boy's obvious pain, rather amusing

One Douyin user said, "The boy got so angry, he aged 50 years." 

Image via Douyin

Another netizen quipped, "From then on, the young man lost the desire to be a teacher."

Image via Douyin

At least one netizen seemed to sympathise and relate to the boy's pain, saying, "I tutored my sister before together with my mother. I cried alongside my mother."

Image via Douyin

You can watch the full video below:

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