[VIDEO] Friends Celebrate UM Graduate At His Convocation With Drums & Dancing

"If, during my graduation, my friend doesn't bring a kompang group, I'll end the friendship," joked one user in the comments section.

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Graduation day is a big deal — it's the day when students, surrounded by their loved ones, get to finally celebrate their academic achiviements

While friends and family usually express their pride in several ways, one group recently took it up a notch. They threw a lively celebration complete with drums and dance to cheer for their friend graduating from Universiti Malaya (UM).

The heartwarming celebration gained widespread admiration when another graduate, Afifa, posted a video of it on her TikTok account, according to a report in New Straits Times

The 22-second video showed family members and friends, joining in with the vibrant beats of Indian percussion, known as Urumi Melam, to celebrate the academic achievement of the UM graduate.

The group was also seen joyfully lifting the graduate into the air while cheering enthusiastically.

Other graduates and their family members also joined the celebration.

Image via Social Media

In the video's caption, Afifa said she had to hold back tears of joy the entire time she was recording the heartwarming scene

Afifa also mentioned that upon hearing the beats of the drum, she initially thought that a distinguished guest was being welcomed at the convocation.

However, to her surprise, she later learned that it was a graduate's moment of triumph.

"Even I felt happy and celebrated, although it wasn't me who was graduating," she wrote.

The video gained widespread attention, with netizens commending the family members and friends who orchestrated a unique celebration for the graduate

One user commented, "This is how everyone should celebrate graduation. Makes all the effort of studying worth it."

"I love watching Indian families. Even the grandmother comes to celebrate their achievement. I really love it," shared another.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

Reflecting on their own graduation experience, a user nostalgically recalled, "This reminded me back of [my graduation]. My coach and my teammate came all the way from Ipoh to celebrate my day alongside my family members."

"If, during my graduation, my friend doesn't bring a kompang group, I'll end the friendship," joked one user.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

Watch the heartwarming celebration here:


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