[VIDEO] McDonald's Employee In Bangsar Gets His Groove On To Entice Customers

I'll admit, he's got some killer moves.

Cover image via 笑死大姨妈 (Facebook)

Though it has been a tough year, some people have still managed to spread joy despite these uncertain times

Videos of a McDonald's employee dancing while holding up a drive-thru sign in Bangsar recently went viral. They were posted on a Facebook group and shared 5,800 times.

A netizen saw the worker dancing by himself on a road divider and decided to record clips of him demonstrating his killer dance 'routine'.

As his co-workers looked on, he gyrated around a traffic pole during his dance

He entertained his colleagues and motorists near the road, busting out dance moves that would put us all to shame.

Gotta hand it to him for boogieing so boldly in public and making everyone laugh!

Image via GIPHY

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