"Wanna Buy Durex, But Shy To Pay" — 7E Staff Shares His Frustration Over Condom Buyers

Buying condoms can be a daunting task to some. And the cashiers know.

Cover image via @cashierboy (TikTok)

Slip it under other items, put it on the checkout counter at the last second, or ask your partner to buy it instead.

These are some of the methods we use to buy condoms discreetly.

But don't you ever think that the cashiers at the convenience stores fail to notice it — because they do, and they also secretly judge us for that

Taking to TikTok to vent about customers buying condoms, the user — who goes by Syahrywth — wrote in the caption, "If you're smart enough to do it, then be smart enough not to be shy."

In the 15-second long video, Syahrywth can be seen wearing a 7-Eleven uniform and a face mask.

"Customers want to buy Durex, but shy to pay at the counter," the cashier writes in the video.

That is your problem, not mine.

Syahrywth's short but very relatable video has since gone viral with over 372,000 views and 50,000 likes

The post also received over 1,300 comments, with many netizens saying the TikTok was just "too real".

"That awkward moment," a TikTok user commented, while another said, "I bought it once when I was a kid, thinking it was chewing gum."

Image via TikTok

One wrote, "Now we can wear face masks. Malu ape, bossku. (What is there to be shy, my boss.)"

A netizen said they are not shy because of the cashier, but rather of the people in the queue because they always seem to be people they know.

Image via TikTok

"The problem is, if the cashier is a man, he won't care if people buy Durex, but if the woman cashier sees a man buying Durex she will look them up and down," a person commented.

Image via TikTok

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