[VIDEO] Netizens Applaud PDRM For Fun K9 Unit Demonstration At Shah Alam High School

"Well done to the school! Hope more schools will follow," said an Instagram user.

Cover image via @myforeverdoggo (Instagram)

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A video of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) giving a demonstration of their K9 unit's skills at a high school in Shah Alam, Selangor has gained widespread praise

The video, shared on Instagram by My Forever Doggo — a platform dedicated to connecting adopters to dog shelters — shows students enjoying the experience and watching in awe as a K9 unit dog listened to every command given to it by its handler.

"From fetch sessions to overcoming fears, the students at a national school here in Shah Alam had a once-in-a-lifetime experience of interacting with doggos from PDRM's K9 unit!" said the account.

During the demonstration, some of the students were given a chance to play fetch with the dogs

"One student initially hesitated but, with some encouragement from teachers and friends, she overcame her fear and played with the doggo!" read the caption of the Instagram post.

The post added that, after the demonstration, the students were also encouraged to interact and play with the dogs.

"Hopefully, more schools will allow their students to have such opportunities in the future!" said My Forever Doggo.

The video was liked over 15,000 times and garnered over 150 comments, with netizens commending the initiative by the school and the police

"This is a good step towards public acceptance and understanding of doggos better. Well done to the school! Hope more schools will follow," said an Instagram user.

Image via Instagram

"Never in my life I thought I would ever see this happen in Malaysia. What an amazing initiative!" praised another.

Image via Instagram

Another netizen said, "More of this! Children need to be educated on how wonderful dogs are, plus it is a big leap forward in teaching them respect and understanding of living creatures. Hats off!"

Image via Instagram

Meanwhile, another netizen suggested for the school to also demonstrate to their Muslim students the proper way to perform sertu if they ever come into contact with a dog.

 is a cleansing or purification ritual that Muslims perform if they come into contact with impure things or animals, such as dogs, in Islam.

"I wish they would demonstrate how to do a right sertu for Muslim students as well, to encourage them and to tell Muslims that it is okay, especially if they have to save a dog with their hands and do not have some form of protection on them at the time," they said.

Image via Instagram

PDRM's K9 unit dogs are not only cute, but they are also held in high regard for helping to solve crime:

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