Netizens React To Viral Video Of Local Actress Begging Not To Search This Phrase Online


Cover image via TV3 Malaysia (YouTube)

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A bizarre video of local actress Nabila Huda telling netizens not to search a particular phrase on Google has been circulating on social media

In the video, the Munafik 2 actress wears a serious look as she tells netizens not to search #ayamgorengviral online. 

The one-minute-long video has since garnered over 300 views on YouTube. 

Watch the full video here:

When Nabila mentions the term 'search' in the video, a SEARCH text appears for a split second. So weeeird.

"If it goes viral, then all the restaurants that serve this ayam goreng will run out. I had a hard time just trying to get my hands on their ayam goreng the other day," the actress shared. 

"TOLONG. JANGAN. SEARCH," Nabila says. Right then, rockstar legend and actor, Amy Search, walks into the room lmaoooo!

Looking unhappy, the Search frontman, who is Nabila's father, asks, "Kau cakap tolong jangan apa? Jangan search? (You said please don't what? Don't search?) Hehe awkward. 

Nabila bluffs her way out and convinces him that she is asking netizens to "tolong Search." Pun intended. ;)

As her dad leaves, the local actress whispers loudly, mentioning again not to search #ayamgorengviral. Pheeeweet!

Upon watching the video, netizens flocked to the comments section to leave their thoughts:

"Eh, why don't search? I'm so curious now. Let's search lah hihihi."

"Omg so cute! Now I wanna go search ayam goreng viral huhuhu."

"I wanna search too! Ayam goreng viral here I comeeee."

We couldn't help but look up the phrase on Google too.

And well, whatever you do, please don't search #ayamgorengviral! We also want to get our hands on it as soon as possible. :p

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