'Chonky' Babies Dressed As No-Face For Halloween Will Make Your Day


Cover image via PANG เด็กน้อย (Facebook)

Several years ago, a Taiwanese girl named Momo insisted on dressing as No-Face from Studio Ghibli's hit film, Spirited Away

She stood out from her peers like a sore thumb but she clearly won Halloween that year

This time around, babies have taken over that role with these adorable low-cost versions – nothing but black T-shirts and triangular black paper stuck on their chubby faces

When you're trying to look scary but you're really just a cute dumpling

Photos shared by PANG เด็กน้อย on 22 October have since gone viral, as people in the comments have been cracking up over their costumes.

So 'scary'. :p

You can check out the full post below:

Check out other adorable kiddos in their creative Halloween attire over the years:

Remember these other iconic costumes?

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