Survey: M'sian Women Love Men With 'Dad Bods' More Than Those With Muscular Bodies

It looks like the the 'dad bods' craze has finally arrived in Malaysia.

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Bad news for men who are rocking six-pack abs out there, because a recent survey found that more Malaysian women find men with a bit of belly fat more attractive than athletic men

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The finding was revealed in a survey conducted by JustDating on 400 Malaysian users

Just Dating (JD) is a dating platform that helps users find friendships, dates, and other meaningful relationships online.

In a press release made available to SAYS, it is revealed that their latest survey found 53% of users in Malaysia prefer men with dad bods — a male body type that is best described as 'softly round' and commonly found among middle-aged men.

"It is found that muscular men are no longer popular. 53% of women said they are more interested in 'uncle-looking men with dad bods'," JD said.

"The Penang women are the least irresistible to men with a small belly. Not only this figure is the sexiest to them, but such a body can be hugged like a teddy bear plushie when they feel lonely, giving them a sense of security!"

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The survey noted that 70% of Penang women who love men with dad bods are young women aged between 18 and 25.

The older the female respondents are, the more they prefer muscular men instead.

However, the women in Klang Valley have a slightly different taste

According to the survey, women living in Klang Valley still prefer muscular men, with only 32% of them able to accept men with fleshy figures.

"The remaining find men with strong thighs and biceps, as well as round buttocks, more alluring, especially among office ladies (OL) aged between 28 and 35," it said.

Malaysian bodybuilding athlete Faiz Ariffin.

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As for women respondents in Johor, JD said the group prefers lean men with long hair

"Lean, 'wild-style', and long-haired men who carry themselves with an artistic vibe are the most popular among the group," it added.

"88% of women fall into their unique charm."

Other than body figures, the survey also found that half of the women like observing men's Adam's apples, especially when they drink water.

The respondents said seeing how the laryngeal prominence roll up and down is luscious to them.

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