Local Students Flex Their Creativity With Netflix-Inspired School Magazine Layouts

What a kick-a** way to make memories!

Cover image via @fatinnhshm (Twitter) & @dumbhaji (Twitter)

Senior students of SMK Hillcrest have teamed up to design some Netflix-inspired layouts for their school magazine

Pictures of students and teachers were edited into movie posters and arranged to look like Netflix’s home screen.

According to an interview with JUICE, there were five senior students in the team who worked on editing and photography for the design.

A representative of the team, Muhamad Adam Syafi Mohamed Amir, said that they were inspired by a tweet of a previous class making a Spotify-themed album.

Discussion of the design began in early January before the COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) came into effect

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Image via The Straits Times

Adam told JUICE that they only started work in June, when schools reopened.

The students were having a hard time balancing their studies, chasing deadlines, and following standard operating procedures (SOPs).

"This process took more time than what we had planned before. Not to mention, shortly after the deadline, we needed to attend the post-MCO exam required for all Form Five students."

As Adam's tweet went viral, other students also began to share their app-inspired layouts.

Check out this student’s take on the Spotify design:

While this student was inspired by Pinterest instead:

One student also tweeted a cool-looking movie poster of his classmates and teachers

Malaysia is not short of creative talent:

Besides designing school magazine layouts, how many of these things do you remember doing in school?

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