Don't Use The Toilet After Rehat And More Life-Changing Things Secondary School Taught Us

Good times indeed!

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Our school days were the BEST days of our lives!

Here are top 28 things secondary school taught us, as shared by Malaysians:

1. "How to tie my necktie."

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2. "How to sleep with my eyes open."

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3. "To have connections everywhere."

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It's important to make friends with everyone. Prefects, librarians, teachers... did we mention prefects?

4. "To never use the toilet after rehat."

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5. "How to master the art of lipsyncing."

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6. "To be a pro at salin nota."

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Teacher: Okay, insert student's name please help to erase the blackboard.
The class: TEACHER, WAIT!!!!

7. "How to do homework at the last minute."

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8. "To always be nice and greet my teachers whenever I meet them outside of class."

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There could be a 'gift' waiting for us if we didn't.

9. "How to lie."

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"Why did you not finish your homework?"
"Sorry teacher, I was sick yesterday."

10. "That girls cannot get pregnant just by holding hands with a boy."

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Thank God for Biology and Chapter 4 of Form 3 Science! :p

11. "How to take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, and brush my teeth in less than 15 minutes."

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12. "That schools don't test our intelligence, but our memory."

13. "How to hide things in my bra, without them falling out."

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14. "That apparently every school used to be a Japanese burial ground."

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15. "That my school was haunted."

Don't look into the mirror when you're in the school toilet!

16. "Nothing."

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17. "That there is no such thing as a secret."

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18. "To use the other teacher's names to ponteng the class that you dislike."

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19. "That I could do high jump or parkour if I tried hard enough and it was proven true when the pak guard locked the school gates."

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20. "That the pengetua never seemed to understand what 5 minutes mean."

Photo for illustration purposes only.

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Even our teachers knew!

21. "How to cooperate with a stranger."

Remember how we used to leave our books in our table drawers and the budak petang would do the same? #sharingiscaring

22. "That it was hard making a choice between going into the "best class" or sticking with your friends."

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"After sitting for (the now-obselete) PMR, I was selected to get into the best pure-Science class but my best friend is going to a sub-Science class?!"

23. "That I'll never finish using the exercise books I bought every year."

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24. "How to look busy when I'm actually just procrastinating."

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An especially useful skill during gotong-royong.

25. "To never, ever, take out my IC to show my friends unless it's for an emergency"

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We look so much better now than we did at 12 years old.

26. "How to magically make things disappear."

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We kind of knew that we have the power to make things disappear since our school stationeries always go missing, but we never knew our full potential until we received a surat amaran. ;)

27. "To communicate effectively, using 'creative' ways."

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28. "That friends from secondary school will stick with me till this very day!"

Got something to say about what secondary school taught you? Share with us in the comments box below! :)

We've made so many good memories during our schooling days!

We sure know how to make the best out of our schooling days even as a kid :D

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