Bubble Tea Is Now Being Used As Offerings At A Thai Temple... God, WTF?

He tasted and saw that it was good.

Cover image via Payunbud/Facebook

Even the heavens are filled with bubble tea

A viral photo recently posted by Facebook page Payunbud displayed a row of bubble tea being used as offerings to the Hindu god Lord Ganesha in Thailand.

The photo, which was posted on 19 August, has received over 8,600 Facebook shares at the time of writing.

Some of the popular brands spotted at the altar were Tiger Sugar, ChaTraMue, The Alley, Starbucks, and Koi, among others

People have been quite amused by the modern-day offering, even expressing their "concern" for the idol's sugar intake

"Are the drinks less sweet?"

Image via Facebook

"I would like to take the holy bubble tea drinks back for my everlasting happiness."

Meanwhile, several even vouched that the drinks worked

According to TheSmartLocal Thailand, it is common for Thais to give offerings to gods as a gesture of thanks when a wish or prayer has been answered.

One person wrote that she had told Lord Ganesha that if her wish had come true, she would have offered him five bubble tea drinks.

And apparently, it did happen.

Meanwhile, another girl commented that she had visited the same altar and prayed for a job.

After she nailed it, she gave a cup of bubble tea as a grateful offering.

"I followed your suggestion, and I got my first job with a THB20K (RM2,700) salary. I'm crying."

Bottles of strawberry 'Fanta' - a drink offering that is commonly found at altars in Thailand - were also spotted among the bubble tea cups

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Patrick Winn/PRI

According to The Strategic Retreat, it is probably because the red colour of the drink represents blood and is a replacement for a blood sacrifice. 

It is also claimed to be the Thai king's favourite drink and locals love their king very much.

Strawberry Fanta in Thailand also usually comes in a glass bottle which makes it sturdier when the wind blows.

Will the bubble tea trend ever die? Probably not anytime soon:

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