Ever Seen A Dragon Chicken Before? They're Known For Their Large Feet & Cost Up To RM1.9K

Apparently, they're delicious!

Cover image via TNHE Learning

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Dragon Chickens, or Dong Tao chickens, are a delicacy in Vietnam that are known for their strangely large feet

The legs of the Dong Tao chicken are considered a delicacy.

Image via South China Morning Post

According to Reuters, this rare breed of poultry weighs up to 6kg when fully grown, and used to be reserved only for royalty. They are believed to bring good fortune and wealth to their owners.

The animal is named after the place where it originates — Dong Tao, a village 30km southeast of Hanoi.

This Lunar New Year, demand for the Dragon Chicken has risen sharply

This unique chicken is said to have a crunchy meat texture, as well as a distinctly fragrant aroma and rich flavour. 

Typically eaten during Tet (the Vietnamese celebration for Lunar New Year), the meat is seeing an increase in demand due to a growing number of wealthy people in Vietnam.

A fully grown, one-year-old, adult dragon chicken can fetch up to 5 million Vietnamese Dong (roughly RM976), while some can even see prices as high as 10 million Vietnamese Dong (roughtly RM1,950).

The most valuable parts of the chicken are its legs

Speaking of ways to cook the Dragon Chicken, Hanoi chef Loc Duc Toan said it tastes best between the ages of 13 to 15 months, and that steaming the meat is a popular way to enjoy it. 

The Dragon Chicken apparently offers a sweeter meat and more fragrant aroma than that of a normal breed.

Image via Vietnam Trips

Here's a look at Dragon Chicken dishes:

Dragon Chicken skin mixed with powdered grilled rice.

Image via VOV World

Steamed Dragon Chicken.

Image via VOV World

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