Cheras Man Wins RM10.9 Million Magnum 4D Jackpot With His Lucky Numbers '7474'

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A man from Cheras has become Magnum 4D's first jackpot winner of 2024, with a grand prize of RM10.9 million

More than just luck, the winner revealed how his two sets of chosen numbers, 7474 and 3964, include grit and mathematical strategy.

The winner's approach involved selecting 16 numbers using the Jackpot system play-16, but nothing he did was random, according to The Sun.

Image via The Sun

"7474 has always been my favourite. Its double-number charm has proven to bring me luck and I have won some small winnings in the past. It never disappoints me," the winner claimed

In a report by The Star, the winner said that the number 3964 is also no coincidence, as this set of numbers have brought him top three wins in previous lottery draws.

"I love to play with numbers and different combinations. I also like to monitor past winning numbers. Applying mathematical calculations, I took my chances to bet on these sets of numbers. I couldn’t believe my luck when I won!" said the unnamed man.

The man discovered he was the grand prize winner after checking the draw results following a dinner function on Sunday, 28 January

"I was overjoyed, to say the least, I double-checked the draw numbers just to make sure. The result was surreal, prompting me to capture the moment by taking a photo of my tickets. I was thrilled and excited, experiencing a wave of emotions," he shared.

But what does he plan to do with all his winnings?

"I intend to invest in property and diversify my investments to optimise different opportunities. The community also holds a special place in my heart, and part of my winnings will go towards charity, specifically offering scholarships to B40 students. Giving back is an essential aspect of this newfound fortune," the winner revealed.

A Magnum 4D company representative stated, "Congratulations to our very first Jackpot winner for 2024 and it is also truly a joyous celebration to ring in the Year of Dragon!"

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