"I've Saved RM1.24 Million" — M'sian Shares Difficulties Of Working In SG For 20 Years

How would you spend your money?

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A Malaysian man recently took to a Facebook group to share the challenges he encountered after working in Singapore for over two decades

According to mStar, the 42-year-old man said he began working as an engineer in Singapore in 2003.

During his tenure in the country, he disclosed that he successfully accumulated SGD354,258 (RM1.24 million) in his Central Provident Fund (CPF) account.

CPF serves as a social security and retirement savings scheme for employees in Singapore, similar to Malaysia's Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

"If your CPF has accumulated to this extent, what should you do? I'm still contemplating what to do with this money because I'm no longer able to work in Singapore and commute daily.

"It's hard to quit my job, considering of my current position as an engineer with a monthly salary of SGD5,000 (RM17,618). When I saw the total amount [in my CPF account], I felt like withdrawing it and enjoying the fruits of my labour," he said.

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After dealing with challenges in Singapore, he now faces a new dilemma in retirement back in Malaysia

In the comments section, the man also expressed concern about his future upon returning to Malaysia, having spent his formative years working at a factory in Singapore.

"The original plan was to work until the age of 55, but when I got promoted, I felt stressed with the increased workload. That's when I realised I needed to explore other options before chronic illness sets in," he said.

He added that he does not intend to use his CPF funds for property investment due to the high capital requirements and his inability to manage them.

Seeking insights and suggestions, he turned to the Facebook group for guidance on his next chapter in Malaysia, as he doesn't have a wife to turn to, and his parents asked him to figure out his future on his own.

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Netizens gave the man various pieces of advice in the comments section

Most of the Facebook group members suggested looking into business and real estate investing, while others emphasised the significance of taking a break and rediscovering happiness after years of hard work.

"You should invest in the afterlife. Seek happiness, and get closer to God. Go do some 'healing' activities and enjoy God's creation while serving those in need," commented one user.

Others suggested the man to contemplate marriage, with some users even expressing interest in becoming potential life partners.

"Get married, brother, it's time to settle down," wrote one user.

"You're not married yet? Well, I don't need a dowry. In fact, the wedding doesn't have to be extravagant, I'll just follow your lead. As long as you're not tired of searching for love, it will come on its own," commented another.

Meanwhile, a former university lecturer from Malaysia shared that he earns five times more working as a cleaner in Singapore:

In December, a Singaporean transport company posted a job advertisement featuring an enticing starting monthly salary of SGD5,000 (RM17,656.47):

Many young Malaysians choose to work in Singapore to earn a better wage for their future:

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