Man Throws Noodles On Table Because Hawker Stall Didn't Remove Taugeh From His Dish

"No taugeh means no taugeh!" said the customer.

Cover image via Persatuan Tak Makan Taugeh Satu Malaysia (Facebook) & Oze Marketing

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Dissatisfied with a hawker stall for including taugeh in his dish despite his request to remove them, a customer threw a whole plate of fried noodles onto a table

In a post on Facebook community group Persatuan Tak Makan Taugeh Satu Malaysia, the man explained he had already informed the shop attendant that he didn't want beansprouts in his dish.

When he saw beansprouts in his mee goreng, he was furious and criticised the hawker stall, blaming either the attendant for not listening or the chef for forgetting his request.

"I'd usually ask them to cook my meal again. But because I pity the hawker as they didn't have many customers, I did this as a sign of protest.

"You clean the table lah, kak. Next time, listen carefully, no taugeh means no taugeh!" he said.

His post sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with a few supporting the man's actions

"That's good. Show them a lesson," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"I support you. Sometimes, I get angry too. When I ask for not spicy, they'll still throw in some chillies. When I ask for no veggies, they'll include thick-cut vegetables that sometimes still taste raw," said another netizen.

"Follow your customers' requests and don't put the blame on [your customers] when you can't change your own attitude," they added.

Image via Facebook

However, most social media users did not approve of the man's behaviour and criticised him for inconveniencing the shop's employees

"Don't you have any manners? You could have just put the beansprouts at the side of the plate. So rude," said a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "Just ask them to make you a new plate of noodles! Maybe your brain is smaller because you don't eat taugeh."

Image via Facebook

Someone else commented, "I don't like taugeh too, but I will remove them myself! I wouldn't throw food like that because there are still others who don't even get food to eat."

Image via Facebook

Beansprouts can be pretty divisive. But eating dishes without beansprouts doesn't have the same effect:

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