12 Things We Do When We're Too Desperate For Malaysian Food While Overseas

*cries in RM*

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Whether you're studying/working overseas, or just on a holiday, we can all agree that what we miss most while away is our glorious Malaysian food!

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From the simplest of staples like nasi and sambal, to roadside snacks like pisang goreng and cendol, to our most iconic dishes like char kuey teow and roti canai, we love it alllllll!

So it's no wonder that we miss them terribly whenever we're away from home :(

When the cravings are too real, only Malaysians end up resorting to these desperate measures:

1. You hunt through every market and grocery store in the hopes of tracking down a particular food item

But sometimes even the Asian markets don't have what you're looking for :(

2. Then you finally cave and resign yourself to paying exorbitant prices just to get a taste of home

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RM16, RM18, and RM22 respectively for single servings of siu mai, har gow, and lo mai kai?! *cries in RM*

3. Malaysian restaurant in the middle of nowhere hours away from you? No problem. You'll still go. At least got.

You're even willing to brave horrible weather conditions just to get a craving fix.

4. Or you become a regular customer at the nearest Malaysian restaurant and totally don't mind eating there over and over again

And you'll never, ever get sick of it! #msianfoodftw

5. There's nothing like that glorious feeling of finally getting your first taste of Malaysian food in weeks

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"ROTI CANAI YAAAASSSS!" *tears of joy and gratitude*

6. And you'll usually get carried away and order waaaayyyy too much 'cause you've been deprived for so long

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7. Your #1 priority before you leave is stocking up on frozen supplies

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8. You're constantly asking people to ship stuff to you or tumpang-ing the luggage of anyone who's coming to visit

And then you'll try your best to make your supplies last as long as possible.

9. It's not uncommon for you to get super excited when you unexpectedly come across Malaysian stuff...

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10. ...and you start counting down the days the second you hear that something familiar is opening up where you are

PappaRich in Australia?! Yaaass!

11. When you're truly desperate, you end up improvising and trying to recreate your favourite dishes as best as you can

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But it's never good enough T___T

12. So you're eternally super grateful to other fellow Malaysians who cook well AND offer delivery services

Thank you kind souls for fueling our needs for good, homecooked Malaysian food. Y'all the real MVPs <3

We're not kidding when we say Malaysians SERIOUSLY miss our food when we travel: