Woman Shares Amazing Review Of An 'Automatic' Hair Dryer... But Wait Till You See it

"The most expensive hair dryer." :')

Cover image via @shermsyang (TikTok)

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We love a good product review. Thankfully, the Internet is filled with plenty of them.

One Singaporean woman, who goes by Shermaine Yang, recently shared a great review on a 'product' she uses. 

"Happy with my Automatic Hair Dryer purchase! Rating 10/10," she wrote in her video, while she shows herself using it on her damp hair.

But as she pans the camera towards the 'product'... this is what appears instead

Sitting in the corner is an adorable toddler... holding a hair dryer.

Like a hardworking hairstylist who works his ass off all day to put food on the table, the boy lets out a tiny exasperated sigh before he breaks character and gives us the cheekiest grin!

Yang told SAYS that the toddler is actually her three-year-old whose name is Kylian. 

Since her 'review', many flooded the comments section to mention some drawbacks of this 'purchase'

Image via TikTok

Still, others asked her where they could find their own

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

This face though... It's the face you give your client when they ask to make it more "Wowz" and "Onz"...

... but internally you're actually like this

Please enjoy Kylian's cute moment below:

Here's one kid you won't wanna mess with:

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