11 Awesome Perks You'll Only Understand If You Live In A High-Rise Building

Location, location, location... and swimming pool!

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1. You're in a super convenient location that's well-connected and 5 minutes away from everything

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One of the greatest perks of living in a high-rise is you're often in the heart of the most exclusive and desirable neighbourhoods in the city. Not only is it convenient, it makes for a great future investment too.

2. You always feel that much safer because of the tight security

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3. Club membership? Nah, anytime you feel like cooling down, you can jump in the gorgeous swimming pool downstairs.

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4. While everyone is wasting money on expensive gym memberships they don't use, you've got your own gym right in your building for free

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5. Wanna have a BBQ party? No problem! Just book the pit downstairs, no need to rent an expensive venue.

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Seriously, all the amenities make high-rise living so worth it. You're immediately closer to luxuries right at your doorstep. From club houses and gyms, to swimming pools and party spaces, it's the BEST!

6. You totally don't need to worry about outside maintenance and can focus all your efforts on beautifying your own home

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7. There's ample parking for your friends and family when they come to visit

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8. When your friends complain about how leceh it is to run errands and you can't relate because your condo has a cafe, kedai runcit, and dobi

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9. If you stay on a higher floor, not only do you get to enjoy the breeze, you also get awesome views of the park below and all that nature

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On rainy days and nights, you don't even need the fan or aircond!

10. There are also less mosquitoes, not to mention no more stray cats, lone rats, or pack of dogs to kacau your peace

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Bye-bye cat poop in your garden.

11. There's definitely a feeling of a close-knit community with your neighbours

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You confirm bump into the same people in the elevator, see them while you enjoy the condo amenities, and your kids probably play together at the community playground. Community living and having great neighbours is one of the best things about condo living for sure.

There's just something special about that high-rise life, amirite?

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Now you can enjoy that high-rise life with GAIA Residences, a one-of-a-kind vertical living space

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Located within Gamuda Gardens, GAIA Residences is a communal dwelling that brings people together through resort-inspired lifestyle facilities. Whether you're having a barbecue with your next door neighbours at the BBQ deck, or working out together at the outdoor gym, the opportunities to build relationships are endless.

Gamuda Gardens is an award-winning masterplanned township, where you'll find a 50-acre Central Park with scenic wetlands, waterfalls and cascading lakes

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There are also camping sites and an adventure park within the township, where you'll get to meet neighbours from different parts of the township as well.

You won't have to worry about leaving Gamuda Gardens, as it has everything you need, whether it's shops, F&B outlets, wellness centres, and even several private and public schools around the area. It is also well connected to various highways and public transportations.

Find out more about GAIA Residences and Gamuda Gardens today!

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