“We Have The Best Food” And 12 Other Things Only PJ People Will Relate To

That’s why we’ll always love PJ.

Are you a real PJ person or just a tourist?

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Many people consider themselves PJ people just because they've stayed here for a while. But if you're using Waze to navigate around SS2, and can't tell between Asia Jaya LRT and Taman Jaya LRT, or all the different Damansara townships, then you've still got some learning to do.

But for legit PJ people, you've definitely heard of Jaya Shopping Centre—the first ever shopping mall in town

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First launched in 1974, the mall was redeveloped and reopened in 2014. Since then, it has carved its identity as the community mall, and has a whole lot of events lined up for the rest of the year.

Scroll down to find out more about the "Fascinating Malaysia, My Home" photography exhibition happening until 16 September.

And now, if you’re really a PJ boy or PJ girl, here are a few things you can definitely relate to:

1. It's home to the best food ever

2. The people here will queue for anything

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By experience, you've learnt that the longer the queue, the better the food is.

3. But ask them to wait in a jam, and they'll slither their way through shortcuts only known to true PJ people

While everyone else is stuck in the traffic, they always avoid the jam by using back alleys and housing roads.

4. Despite the jam, PJ is at the centre of everything

Petaling Jaya is right smack in between areas like Kuala Lumpur, Subang, Puchong, Shah Alam, Kepong, and Taman Desa with highway access all around.

5. This makes it the perfect middle point for hangouts and gatherings

6. There are also a bunch of hidden gems only known to PJ people, and you'll be lucky if they bring you there

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One of the unassuming places for good food and coffee is Happy Mansion at Section 17, a complex of apartment buildings. Here, you'll find a host of cafés, kopitiams, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

And of course, there are hidden gems in Jaya Shopping Centre too, such as places like Farmer’s Street, Good Food Co., and Leng for Leng Tong.

7. One thing they can't stand is the way non-PJ people drive

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People here get very irritated at Klang and Penang drivers, mostly because they're slow and super blur.

8. Not to mention, there is plenty of digging around PJ roads, which seem to be forever under construction

9. Tree cutting is also a staple around the area

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Almost every other week, you'll see trucks at the side of roads waiting to collect falling branches. The thing that annoys people the most is that tree cutting usually takes place during peak hours, causing unnecessary jams.

10. That's why they sometimes resort to taking the LRT

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Which is in fact super convenient. The entire PJ is so connected that you can practically get to anywhere with the Kelana Jaya LRT Line.

11. Nevertheless, true PJ people hate travelling out of PJ

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They consider KL, Cheras, and even Bangsar far away.

12. It's like a big city, but a lot less claustrophobic than KL

Less dense, less crowded, and more charming than Kuala Lumpur.

And despite all its shortcomings, the people here will always love PJ and never move out

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After all, it's hard to find any other place that's just quite the same. In fact, you'll hear of people moving in, but rarely anyone who willingly leaves PJ for places like KL or Shah Alam.

To all you PJ peeps, one thing you don’t want to miss is the “Fascinating Malaysia, My Home” photography exhibition, happening now till 16 September

This exhibition features local photographers capturing breathtaking moments of Malaysia, with 80 handpicked photos on display at Level 2. Make sure you head over to Jaya Shopping Centre this weekend or by 16 September 2018 for your final chance to catch this exclusive showcase.

Also, check out the Eco Living Bazaar at Level 1 during these dates:

  • 14-16 September
  • 26-28 October
  • 30 November to 2 December

There will also be pop up stores supporting local entrepreneurs and new retail offerings, with Hush Puppies Shoes, Niki Cains Homes and more opening soon! Art exhibitions and design showcases featuring student works from IACT and Saito College will be next in line, so don't forget to look out for updates on Jaya Shopping Centre's social media.

Stay tuned to the latest happenings at Jaya Shopping Centre by following their Facebook Page today

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