This 26-Year-Old M'sian Is A Private Chef For A KL Millionaire. Here's How He Got The Job

One of his most viral videos has amassed over 4.5 million views.

Cover image via @mike_chooo (Instagram)

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A 26-year-old Malaysian is attracting attention on social media for videos in which he claims to be a private chef for a millionaire in Kuala Lumpur

In his most-watched video, which has garnered over 4.5 million views, Instagram user @mike_chooo showcases a day in his life as a private chef.

The video reveals his routine, where he begins his day at 9.30am to prepare lunch at his employer's home. After cleaning the kitchen and taking a break, he goes grocery shopping in the afternoon, prepares dinner, and clocks out at 8.30pm.

His dishes are mostly inspired by Asian and Italian cuisine, ranging from seafood pao fan and beef short ribs pappardelle to grilled lobster with beurre blanc sauce. He even cooks Japanese dishes like sushi wraps and sashimi bowls.

While most netizens congratulated him for securing such a special job and praised his culinary skills, a few expressed scepticism

And many more were curious about his work.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

To answer your burning questions, SAYS reached out to Mike to ask him how he landed such a niche job

The 26-year-old told SAYS that he is first and foremost a food enthusiast, adding that, his culinary journey actually began when he was young.

Having grown up in Klang and Shah Alam, he said he was inspired to enter the culinary industry as he had always been surrounded by good food.

"This inspired me to explore simple recipes at home, and later pursue a degree in culinary management, majoring in Italian cuisine.

"I was also fortunate to be able to enrol in a transfer program in Italy and studied in a culinary school there for a few months, which gave me a higher appreciation and respect for food and ingredients," he said.

Mike added that becoming a personal chef wasn't part of his initial plans.

However, he considers it a great privilege to be given this opportunity, attributing it to his genuine love for creating dishes and his continuous dedication to mastering his craft.

After obtaining his degree, Mike said he spent four years working at esteemed commercial kitchens, namely Dewakan and Jing Ze.

"During this time, I had the privilege of learning to prepare fine dining Malaysian cuisine using homegrown produce, which allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation for the various cultures in the country.

"I also had the opportunity to learn the realm of contemporary Asian cuisine, where traditional, premium, and cultural elements of dining are re-defined," he said.

Mike said he learnt about the private chef job vacancy from a former colleague, who was working for the millionaire's family

"When he reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in taking over his position, I thought why not give it a try," he recalled.

"I then went through the interview process and learnt more about the job responsibilities, including my employer's needs and dietary requirements before starting the job," he added.

Mike said he initially thought it was pure luck, but after being in the job for about half a year, he believes it was "God's perfect timing".

"If I didn't have the skills, I doubt my ex-colleague would have recommended me for an opportunity like this," he said.

Like many things on social media, the budding content creator said being a personal chef is not as simple as he portrays in his videos

"While I get a lot of flexibility in terms of the menu, preparation style, and time management, there's a lot of self-learning, discipline, and responsibility that are on my shoulders.

"This is because I am not just preparing a meal for myself or my loved ones, but for several other individuals, each with their unique preferences and nutritional requirements," he explained.

Mike said he enjoys the challenges in his work, and encourages others who may be interested in a similar career path to continue loving what they do

"While continuing to work, master your craft and build your credibility, this is where it opens doors to more opportunities, such as the one I was given," he said.

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