8 Things You Confirm Can Relate To When You Order At McD Drive-Thru

Relatable much?

Cover image via McDonald's Malaysia & Favim

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You gotta love the convenience of McD Drive-Thru, kan?

Hands up if you're always down to hit the Drive-Thru!

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It's so awesome being able to just drive up and get our fave Mekdi items without having to cari parking and all that.

So effortless and easy! Plus, whether you're hitting the Drive-Thru solo or with a group of besties, it's always a deliciously fun experience to look forward to.

So, without further ado, here are eight things we're sure you, as a McD Drive-Thru fan, can relate to and say, "Same!":

1. Knowing and memorising what you want, only to go 'uhh' when the Drive-Thru abang asks you for your order

Uhhhhhhhh... Mind terus blank. Happens even after ordering your same favourite set a bajillion times.

2. Or worse, someone else in the backseat can't decide on their order, so you're stuck smiling and apologising at the Drive-Thru server

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You to yourself: PLEASE sense my smile through the speakers, huhu. I'm merely the messenger! *Cries*

3. Getting extra orders of fries (large, no less, hehe) to eat in the car 'cause you'll end up finishing the one that comes with your set

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Your willpower is always tested 'cause the whole car smells like fresh, hot, irresistible McD fries, ahhhhh. Once you start, you can't stop!

4. Ordering Chicken McNuggets EVERY. Single. Time!

Image via Favim

Kids love 'em and adults crave 'em — Chicken McNuggets are life. <3

5. Always making a point to stop at the Drive-Thru during road trips

Image via Foursquare

Ahh, the excitement of stopping by a McDonald's outside of town for a quick, familiar bite as you catch up with besties. Just me, my friends, and Mekdi. <3

6. When one person orders a Sundae Cone... and then suddenly everyone terpengaruh and wants one too

Let's face it, a trip to the Drive-Thru doesn't feel complete without ordering your fave McDonald's desserts, mmmm. Time to treat yo' self! 

7. Every car has a person who always says they don't want fries but ends up eating all of everyone else's

Image via GIPHY

Maybe it's a friend? Or, maybe it's you? :P Either way, it's best to order extra fries just to be safe, hehehe.

8. Practicing your balancing skills when your order comes in multiple cup carriers and bags

Preparing in the car like it's a pass-the-baton race, as you collect your order from the pick-up window — so you don't spill any amount of your precious McD. :)

By the way, if you often go to McD Drive-Thru, you'll be happy to know that the McDonald's Drive-Thru Carnival is back until 18 September, with sooo many exciting deals and activities in store for you!

There are even FREE items to redeem on the McDonald's app. :D

You can look forward to enjoying a different Drive-Thru promo on your fave McD items. This includes 30% off ala carte orders of juicy McDonald's GCB and more, yummm!

All you gotta do is check out the McD app to get the deals you want. Plus, what's a Drive-Thru run without ordering Chicken McNuggets, amirite?

From 18 to 31 August, you'll get to redeem FREE six pieces Chicken McNuggets, as long as you go contactless and pay with Visa payWave at the Drive-Thru for orders of RM30 and above.

Mmm, FREE Chicken McNuggets? Yes, please!

McD is also having a Drive-Thru Top Fan contest, which will give you a chance to win a share of exclusive prizes worth RM12,000 and MyMcD rewards points, from now until 7 September

Wanna win up to RM5,000 gift voucher, plus 5,000 MyMcD Rewards? All you gotta do to earn the title of 'Drive-Thru Top Fan' is order through the McD app, then scan to check-in when you collect at your nearest Drive-Thru, hehe.

The top 10 guests who check-in the most frequently during the promotion period will win exciting prizes.

Find out more details of the contest on McD's website.

And then, during the week of Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia, McDonald's is going all out with the patriotic spirit and will be rewarding you for showing off your love for our country

Catch a glimpse of the promos in the video below:

There will be several activities you can join. But keep in mind that you'll need your McDonald's app (use the Order & Collect feature) handy to participate in all the fun — and become the biggest Drive-Thru Top Fan.

From 25 to 28 August, lucky customers in cars featuring colours of the Jalur Gemilang — red, white, blue, or yellow — can stand a chance to get a voucher for Nasi Lemak McD. Pssst, phase two will take place from 15 to 18 September, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that too!  

Just make an order of at least RM15, and shout 'Saya Anak Malaysia' when it's your turn at the Drive-Thru window to secure your free nasi lemak. :P

Meanwhile, on the big day of 31 August, you can get a free Nasi Lemak McD and Iced MILO (S) combo, by chanting 'Merdeka' three times instead.

Excited for all the goodies during McDonald's Drive-Thru Carnival? Pay your nearest Drive-Thru a visit, and order your favourite menu items today!

ICYMI, McDonald's large fries are back on the menu:

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