This Malaysian Creates Elegant Earrings For Hijabis To Style With Their Hijab

Dubbed as 'pinrings', these should be included in every hijabi's closet.

Cover image via @lushpins (Instagram)

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Most accessories that would not have been able to be worn with a hijab have been increasingly incorporated within modest wear in innovative ways by Muslim women worldwide

As the global hijab fashion evolves, many hijabis now are venturing into assimilating hair accessories into hijab wear, like putting on hairpins or even wearing the hijab with a bucket hat.

Meet Fatini Zamri.

This 24-year-old entrepreneur created her own line of hijab earrings, dubbed as 'pinrings', that are perfect for those who want to be stylish yet still stay modest.

"After my diploma, I took a gap year from my studies trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was having a mid-life crisis after a devastating score that did not meet MARA College's requirement to continue my studies overseas," Fatini told SAYS when we asked why she decided to start the business.

Initially, she had wanted to accessorise her outfit for her convocation, while still adhering to her university's strict dress code. Armed with experience in making her own jewellery, she experimented with dangly brooches, before finally developing the 'pinrings' today.

"The amount of support that I received from my family and friends helped me manage a healthy work-life balance, while also conducting my full-time small business"

Fatini shared that setting up the business had definitely been the most challenging hurdle for her due to her lack in any experiences with starting a business. "Even with a completed branding and various marketing efforts, I was having trouble getting LushPins to be seen by the public," she explained.

Once LushPins took off however, Fatini found herself struggling with the many demands of her various customers. The large amount of support on social media required a lot of attention on customer service.

Since starting her business until now, Fatini has had to learn how to find the perfect balance between creating content, managing productions, and packaging, while still getting an adequate amount of rest. 

'Pinrings' offer solutions to hijabis who want to wear earrings with their hijab without worrying about their hair and ears peeking out

These hijab earrings don't require you to show any skin, as it can be pinned to the hijab itself. Comfortable, perfectly versatile for various hijab styles, and gentle on the hijab, these 'pinrings' will not snag on the hijab the way normal earrings would.

When Fatini created these hijab-friendly earrings, she received an overwhelming response from her followers, who absolutely loved the fact that they can now wear earrings with their hijab.

From hoop 'pinrings' to simple pearl 'pinrings', you're never going to run out of choices when deciding what style to wear with your outfit of the day

"We paid attention to different trends in jewellery to cater to the different fashion styles of our customers," she said. LushPins offers a variety of design options such as colourful pom poms, fun tassels, minimal pearls, and eclectic geometric shapes through their 'pinrings' collection.

Fatini hopes LushPins will be able to start manufacturing fully original designs, as well as expand her own product line in the next five years

She also hopes to improve and maintain the quality of the products for many more years to come. Other than the products, she hopes to get her own office and expand the LushPins team.

If you'd like to order 'pinrings' for yourself or for a friend, here's where to find LushPins:

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