Here Are Iconic Hijab Looks We Grew Up With That Will Take You Down Memory Lane

BRB, hiding my old FB posts...

Cover image via Pinterest , Aisy Tudung Online , Vogue

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Remember all the trendy hijab looks we used to be crazy about?

Growing up, I'm sure a lot of us girls spent so many hours on YouTube watching hijab tutorials, with one hand holding one of hundreds of safety pins (that all somehow go missing) and another hand trying to hold our shawl in place.

Hijab icons like Hana Tajima and Najwa Latif set the trend for Muslimah fashion, and photos of girls donning their styles are scattered all over the Facebook timeline back in 2010.

Let's go down memory lane and recount all the hijab styles, influenced by both global and local icons, that we were all 'guilty' of wearing:

1. Hana Tajima — Her creative way of styling the square shawl took the world by storm, as girls started posting mirror selfies with a digital camera just like her

Hana Tajima rose to fame when she converted to Islam at 17 years old and started posting hijab tutorials on YouTube.

The British-Japanese blogger and her way of making the hijab fashionable quickly became a fashion reference among Muslim teen girls.

Image via Hijabista
Image via Pinterest

Watch the popular hijab tutorial video that made her famous:

2. Najwa Latif — In the Untuk Dia music video, she took the bawal shawl to another level by styling it how you would a scarf, with one end pinned onto the inner cap and the longer side let loose

Image via Iluminasi

Watch the trendsetting music video here:

3. Yuna — In Malaysia, she pioneered the turban style, styled with vibrant and patterned shawls together with a turtleneck sweater

Yunalis Zarai, or famously known as Yuna, introduced the turban style to Malaysians during her journey to become a singer in the US.

Styled with layers and pops of colour, the hijab style promptly became a hot topic, as people began making YouTube video tutorials for beginners who wanted to try the style.

Image via CNA

Take a look at how she styled this colourful turban:

While the hijab looks from these fashion icons were popular, let's all take a moment for an honorary mention of these styles that were just as trendy:

The ombre bawal that was very trendy in 2012.

Image via Didi/Provided to SAYS

Pashmina shawls were very loved, but all I can remember about them are how itchy they get sometimes.

Image via Carousell

BONUS: I asked my friends to send me their old Facebook photos wearing one of these styles and here's how they used to style them:

Donning a pashmina shawl, Syaza looks into the distance in this heavily-filtered photo.

Image via Syaza Afida/Provided to SAYS

Syu poses with a peace sign while wearing the Hana Tajima style.

Image via Siti Syuhaidah/Provided to SAYS

Sharmine wearing the trending 'crossed-style' pashmina shawl.

Image via Sharmine Arina/Provided to SAYS

Me, attempting Hana Tajima's mirror selfie. Even a high-definition photo from a DSLR camera can't save this photo from the impact of a high contrast filter.

Image via Alia Kamelia/Provided to SAYS

Didi wearing a black and white leopard print pashmina shawl with a pink blouse.

Image via Didi/Provided to SAYS

Didi and friends posing with guitars like Najwa Latif, while wearing the trending omber bawal and leopard print shawls in 2012.

Image via Didi/Provided to SAYS

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