Hoping For A Better Malaysia? It Starts With Each Of Us Doing Our Part

All it takes is one small act of kindness!

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Malaysia has come a long way since 16 September 1963 :')

Over the past 56 years, we have progressed as a nation in every way imaginable.

The Twin Towers forever changed the KL cityscape and has become the nation's signature attraction. We launched a national car, cheered on our athletes like Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David on the world stage, and made breakthrough scientific discoveries like developing a malaria vaccine.

Our food has made lists and headlines all over the globe, and people flock to our shores to experience our culture and heritage. We're a shopping haven, a business hub, and a holiday paradise!

None of this would have been possible without Malaysians boosting one another and growing together

We're always proud to support our homegrown brands when they do extraordinary things, and that's why we're always rooting for Boost. 100% Malaysian, the fastest growing e-wallet is leading the way to a cashless nation and we are totally on board.

Watch how Boost is pushing boundaries for a better Malaysia:

So what's your dream for a better Malaysia?

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Maybe you'd like to see a cleaner Malaysia, where we don't have to worry about blocked drains in the city or litter on the beaches.

Perhaps you prioritise a healthier Malaysia, where the focus is on the people's mental and physical well-being.

A Malaysia that cares about kindness sounds nice too. Where we truly come together as brothers and sisters regardless of ethnicity.

And what about a progressive and fairer nation that promotes adoption of new technology but also gives equal opportunities to help local businesses?

There are so many ways we can grow as a nation. This Malaysia Day feels like the best time to start, and as always, it can start with each of us doing our part!

Boost is doing their part to bring Malaysia to new heights too!

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With focus on a progressive and advanced Malaysia, Boost is on a journey to set us free from... bulky wallets!

Because let's face it, we have no time for coins that weigh us down, the frustration of lining up for ages at an ATM only to find that it's NOT WORKING, and all the inconvenience that comes with carrying cash.

And it's not just consumers that get to enjoy the benefits of being part of a cashless nation. Boost is bringing business solutions to small local businesses and entrepreneurs too!

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The days of big company monopolies are fading with the introduction of e-wallets that allow small businesses to adopt new technologies easily.

Now even your local kedai runcit can set up a QR payment system, use POS solutions, track their business with analytics suites... just like the big guys, but at a fraction of the cost!

There are loads of Boost benefits and promotions for both customers and merchants, so be sure to show your support for our homegrown brands by flashing your app ;)

Speaking of promotions, there are special 'Boost MY Malaysia' deals that you'll definitely want to take advantage of 'til October!

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Enjoy awesome 'Boost MY Makan' deals, including cashback and awesome discounts from some of your favourite restaurants!

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Plus, you won't want to miss the 'Boost MY Shopping' offers as well, with RM10 cashback for every RM100 spent at participating partners.

That's not all! For every transaction you make, Boost will be giving back to build a better Malaysia through a series of initiatives:

  1. To inculcate a Kinder Malaysia, Boost will contribute to Pertiwi Soup Kitchen with every 100 online payment transactions made with Boost to care and feed for the less fortunate.
  2. For a Cleaner Malaysia, Boost is participating in a  coastal cleanup movement. Through the collaboration between Boost and Reef Check, with every 100 bill payments on Boost, you’ll be helping to remove 1kg worth of trash from our coasts.
  3. For a Fairer and Progressive Malaysia, Boost will work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Rural Development on the Smart Village initiative to boost entrepreneurship among rural residents and bring them into the digital economy. On top of that, with every Scan & Pay transactions, Boost will contribute a portion back to development of special education in Malaysia with Ministry of Education and Dyslexia Malaysia Parent Support Organization.
  4. Last but not least – to strive for a Healthier Malaysia, Boost is working closely with MySTEMI foundation under the National Heart Association of Malaysia. With every 100 prepaid top up purchased on Boost, proceeds will be given back to generate funds and aid unfortunate heart parents to gain access to latest heart treatments and interventions.

Ready to work towards a brighter Malaysia? Together we can do our part to boost our economy, nation, and each other!

For more information on 'Boost MY Malaysia', head over to Boost's website today!

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