Netflix Left Malaysia Out Of Its 'Street Food' Series. Now BFM Is Making One For Us

The video will be self-produced together with independent advertising agency Fishermen.

Cover image via BFM VDO/YouTube

Earlier this year, Netflix released its 'Street Food: Asia' documentary - but, Malaysia was noticeably absent from it

The documentary, produced by the creators of 'Chef's Table', features nine of the "world's most colourful cities", reported Mashable Southeast Asia.

Malaysians, ever protective of our beloved food, were quick to question Netflix over its decision to exclude Malaysia from the series.

Well, now BFM89.9 and independent advertising agency Fishermen are stepping up to fix the "glaring mistake".

Introducing the '#BersatuForMakan' campaign.

"The campaign is a call to all Malaysians to unite for the love of our food, in response to Netflix's decision to exclude Malaysia from its documentary series 'Street Food', while featuring neighbouring countries Singapore and Indonesia," a press release to SAYS read.

"In an attempt to correct the glaring mistake in the series that began streaming on 26 April 2019, BFM and Fishermen are self-producing its own Malaysian Street Food video."

Part of the campaign efforts include the launch of a petition to get Netflix to add the video to their 'Street Food' series

The informational video about the petition stars 'Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV3' travelogue host Nazrudin Habibur Rahman and many yummy Malaysian puns.

Image via BFM VDO/YouTube
Image via BFM VDO/YouTube

"Instead of producing another web film to pull heartstrings, we decided on something unique: A longer format 30-minute film that's also ready-made for Netflix. It was the right opportunity to work on an idea like this, so we seized it," said Fishermen executive creative director Andrew Tan.

Tan added that the video will be in the same format and style as the streaming giant's series.

"We're making it convenient for Netflix. They can in fact run our video immediately as an episode in their 'Street Food' series."

The petition has since gathered over 9,500 signatures, including 'Mekdi' and Grab MY

You know what they say: united we stand, divided we fall! Watch the video below, and then head over here to sign the petition:

The video will be launched on Malaysia Day, aka Monday, 16 September.

Another day, another reason for Malaysians to show our love for our street food:

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