UNIQLO Collaborates With Bingka KL To Release Malaysian-Themed Designs You Can Customise

The UTme! customisation service is finally here in Malaysia!

Cover image via UNIQLO & Bingka KL

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For the first time ever, UNIQLO is collaborating with a homegrown Malaysian brand to create local print designs that you can customise!

Exclusively available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88, the UNIQLO x Bingka KL sticker series brings out the best of Malaysia with whimsical illustrations.

Bingka KL is known for their hand printed designs on home decor products and accessories. Their one-of-a-kind pieces are uniquely handmade in Malaysia.

Bingka KL makes pouches, tea towels, pillows, and more!

Image via Bingka KL

The collaboration is just in time for Malaysia Day celebrations and looks to kickstart future partnerships with more homegrown artists and brands. We are so excited to see what's coming up next!

The collaboration marks the launch of the UTme! customisation service in Malaysia, where you get to decide exactly what your t-shirt and tote bag will look like

Image from UNIQLO Hong Kong.

Image via U Lifestyle

Here's how to customise your own UNIQLO goodies using the UTme! app:

Image via UNIQLO

There are so many ways for you to express your creativity and get totally awesome UNIQLO goodies, just the way you want it!

Printing only takes around 15 minutes depending on the complexity of your design (and how many people are in front of you), and your custom print will be yours.

Image from UNIQLO Singapore.

Image via UNIQLO

The sticker series created by Bingka KL celebrates Malaysia with what we all love the most - food!

Featuring six unique illustrations that focus on the culinary delights of different regions, you're going to want them all.

Image via UNIQLO

Check out the sampled designs of the Bingka KL sticker series on t-shirts and tote bags:

Remember, these are not the actual designs because it's up to you how you want the final product to look!

1. Starting with delicious treats from utara, there's jus buah pala and ais potong yaaaas!

Image via UNIQLO

2. Representing the East Coast is the iconic keropok lekor with sos pencicah lada. Love the little penyu on the kedai runcit receipt ^_^

Image via UNIQLO

3. Lada pedas, rafflesia, kek lapis, and a "kuching" cookie... it can only be Borneo <3

Image via UNIQLO

4. You'll instantly recognise this giant pomelo and white coffee from the central region. Ah, so many details, what else can you spot?

Image via UNIQLO

5. There's nothing better than masak lomak cili api and mee bandung Muar. All that spice and flavour from the south!

Image via UNIQLO

6. And of course, there's this awesome ode to Malaysia featuring a wau, hibiscus, nasi lemak, and more!

Image via UNIQLO

Excited to design your own UTme! shirt? Head over to UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88 to customise your own Bingka KL shirt and tote bag! Get more information here.

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