This Clothing Brand In The UK Is Called - Wait For It - Kukubird

Showing off this kukubird won't get you in trouble.

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Most of us snicker when we hear the word 'kukubird'

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Turns out we are all a bit dirty-minded, as there is an actual fashion brand in the UK called 'Kukubird'

According to the company's website, they produce a wide variety of products at affordable prices.

Mothership also reported that the brand was founded in 2014 by two friends in Manchester. 

Here are some Kukubirds for your pleasure:

Aside from leggings, they also feature accessories such as tops, bags, and other goodies.

One thing we know for sure is that showing off this Kukubird won't get you in trouble :p

How do you wash your Kukubird? Do you air-dry or put it in the dryer?

"Your Kukubird is too big", said no one ever

The company also explicitly states on their website that they want you to be happy when you receive a Kukubird, so that Kukubird will be happy too ;)

If you love Kukubird as much as we do, you can even sign up to be a Kukubabe on their website

Image via Kukubird

You can check out Kukubird's website here.

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