This Cute Roadside Stall In Ara Damansara Sells Beautiful Fresh Flowers From As Low As RM4

They have lilies, chrysanthemums, daisies, baby's breath, and lots more!

Cover image via Louis (Provided to SAYS)

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In the heart of Ara Damansara, a cute curbside flower stall is capturing the attention and hearts of locals

Image via SAYS

If you've walked or driven past Pusat Dagangan NZX in Ara Damansara on weekends, you've probably seen two young men behind a huge assortment of bouquets and fresh flowers.

Known as The Bunge, the roadside flower stall is run by Louis and Afindi, affectionately known by Ara Damansara residents as the Mat Bunga duo.

They have a wide range of fresh flowers available, from lilies and chrysanthemums to daisies and baby's breath, as well as many others.

Their prices range from RM4 to RM20, depending on the type of flower and size. Their most popular and fast-selling flowers are lilies, which sell out whenever they're available, with sunflowers coming in at a close second.

The humble stall is open every weekend from 10am to 4pm.

Speaking to SAYS, Louis shared how the idea to start The Bunge came about for him and Afindi, who are roommates as well as friends

"We came up with this idea together and decided to set up our shop here in Ara Damansara. We live in an apartment across the street from here. It was a spontaneous decision, but I'm glad we did it. We chose this spot because it's convenient for us, and also because it's a busy area with a lot of people passing by," the 33-year-old explained.

"We thought a curbside shop would be more affordable and accessible than a conventional one. We don't have to pay for rent or utilities, and we can reach more customers who are passing by. We want to make buying fresh flowers a normal thing, not just for special occasions. We want people to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers, whether as a gift or as a decoration," he added.

The Bunge gets customers from diverse age groups and backgrounds, with word of mouth helping to expand the stall's reach beyond the Ara Damansara neighbourhood.

Louis and Afindi's vision is about more than selling flowers — it's about spreading happiness and love to others

Afindi (left) and Louis (right)

Image via Louis (Provided to SAYS)

The Mat Bunga duo focuses on matching their flowers to specific occasions and customer personalities, all while ensuring freshness and quality. The duo often ask their customers about favourite colours, personalities, and intended messages, so that they can tailor flower choices to suit the occasion.

Louis and Afindi even play Cupid by advising those who have no idea what blooms to get their significant others. They've helped to create meaningful moments with their beautiful flowers and have been part of countless loves stories, delighting couples who have expressed gratitude for the special touch flowers from The Bunge have added to their relationships.

"Usually, male customers who come over would admit they don't know much about flowers and they need our help. And we teach them how to get the perfect flowers for their loved ones. We think this is adorable because it shows the effort these guys make to see their girls smile.

"We even have old couples coming by to our stall to get flowers. We have this one uncle who often comes by and says his wife loves flowers and he's grateful we're just located on the roadside. Well, for us, we feel it's so sweet seeing all these people cherish flowers as a love language," shared Louis.

Louis also revealed that he and Afindi did a lot of brainstorming to come up with their current aesthetic and appealing setup, in the hopes of attracting more people, especially the younger generation

"We wanted our first impression to be eye-catching, so we did a lot of research on how to do that. We also had to consider the practical aspects of running a roadside florist, such as the tables, the port, and the transportation.

"We wanted to keep our costs low, but our quality high. That's how we created this Gen Z-friendly florist. In other words, we wanted to stand out from the usual florist shops or curbside stalls, and follow the trend," he explained.

However, Louis clarified that his and Afindi's goal with The Bunge is not to imitate or outshine others, but to learn from established florists, whom they respect and admire, viewing them as mentors and sources of inspiration rather than competitors.

Sharing some insight into his past, Louis detailed how he left his home in Pahang to study in KL when he was 19

"I grew up in a poor and large family. My single mum had to take care of 11 of us by herself. I wanted to be a good role model for my younger siblings, and I wanted to improve our situation.

"I had to work hard and study hard in KL. I did part time jobs to pay for my rent and food. It was tough to survive in the city, while my friends had fun. I faced many obstacles and difficulties, but I never gave up," Louis recalled.

The 33-year-old has now been part of the retail industry for more than a decade, and runs The Bunge on the side as a passion project. According to him, the stall isn't a big source of income, but running it is a lot of fun and something he loves doing.

"[My siblings and I] want to give a better life to our mum. She has been through a lot. Plus, I don't want my future kids to suffer like I did. You have to work hard to change your life, and that's what I'm doing. I'm changing my story," said Louis, speaking about his determination to achieve his goals.

With The Bunge soon to celebrate its one-year anniversary in March, Louis and Afindi aim to open more roadside spots soon, hoping to making fresh and affordable flowers a norm

"Our vision is to open more curbside florists! We think it's a cool and fresh way to sell flowers. We want to make people happy and spread the beauty of flowers everywhere.

"People still see flowers as a 'girl’s thing'. I don't know, I don't feel that way at all. We don't let that stop us from doing this business. We are the 'Mat Bunga' here, and we are proud of it. We feel we are breaking the stereotypes and bringing people closer together with our flowers," Louis declared.

For those looking to surprise loved ones with a beautiful bouquet or simply pick up some pretty blooms for fun, you can find The Bunge at NZX Ara Damansara, in front of Segi Mart

Image via SAYS

Oh, and if you don't know how to choose flowers or where to start, don't worry, The Mat Bunga duo will get you sorted!

Follow The Bunge on Instagram for updates on opening hours and weekend flower offerings.

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