These 5 Countries Have Been Ranked Best Holiday Destinations For Senior Travellers

Never too late to travel, explore, and experience new things!

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Your golden years are a great time to travel and see the world!

A recent index created by InsureMyTrip ranked 50 cities worldwide based on the needs and wants of senior travellers. 

The categories included the quality of things to do, number of senior tours, healthcare, peacefulness, ease of walking, public transport, average population age, and population density.

The tallied scores of each category revealed the best cities for seniors to visit.

Check out the five best cities for senior travellers to visit:

Note: Prices listed are accurate at the time of publishing. Prices stated are inclusive of flights, accommodation, meals, admission tickets, and other listed perks per package, unless otherwise stated. Certain costs are excluded, such as travel insurance, and tips for local drivers and guides.

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul tops the list as the best destination for seniors. Overall, the city scores 8.09 out of 10, scoring high for quality of things to do, peacefulness (10), healthcare (8.41), and ease of walking (9.57).

Must-see cultural landmarks include the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Galata Tower. Treat yourself to authentic doner kebabs and kofte (Turkish meatballs), then indulge in baklava, kunafa, lokum (Turkish delight), and more!

Estimated price: RM4,200 - RM6,200 for 9D8N

Tour packages available: Golden Destinations, Sedunia Travel, IBC Tours, D Asia Travels 

2. Athens, Greece

Did you know, more than 22% of Athen's population is over 65 years old?

The Greek city scored full marks for its variety and quality of senior tours with over 180 to choose from. It followed close behind Istanbul as one of the most senior-friendly cities in the world, losing out due to lower scores in healthcare and peacefulness.

A great mix of modern and ancient monuments, you can enjoy bustling cosmopolitan streets lined with shops, or head to quieter locations and soak in history and the vast landscapes.

Estimated price: 
- RM5,400 for 7D6N
- RM6,300 - RM13,000 for 10D9N 

Tour packages available: Golden Destinations, Sedunia Travel, IBC Tours, D Asia Travels 

3. Rome, Italy

The capital of Italy, Rome, comes in third with an overall score of 7.99, scoring high in quality of things to do.

The ancient city is one of the most walkable cities in the world due to its abundance of beautiful sites within a short distance of each other.

Aside from the obvious delicious pastas, pizzas, and gelatos, the must-see city landmarks include the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. You can even cross into another country by visiting Vatican City to see the Sistine Chapel.

Estimated price: RM6,600 - RM10,100 for 8D7N

Tour packages available: D Asia Travel, Golden Destinations, Forever Travel  

4. Bangkok, Thailand

By far the most affordable destination on the list is Bangkok, Thailand. The city's ease of walking scored high at 9.97, as did its healthcare at 9.33.

With great food, cheap and authentic Thai massages, affordable luxuries, and beautiful landmarks and temples, Thailand is one of the top destinations for Malaysians, regardless of age.

Estimated price:
RM900 - RM1,900 for 4D3N (flights not included)
RM1,600 - RM3,200 for 5D4N (flights included)

Tour packages available: Golden Destinations, Travel Planner, D Asia Travels

5. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia may not be the first country that pops in mind when you're thinking about your next holiday, but it has experienced a tourism boom in the last few years due to its quality of activities for tourists (9.89), ease of walking (9.87), and natural beauty. 

Tallinn is considered a hidden gem in Eastern Europe, especially for seniors. Enjoy the charm of the Old Town on a stroll, visit during winter to experience snow, and take in the beautiful medieval architecture. 

Estimated price: RM12,000 for 14D13N (flights not included)

Tour packages for only Estonia are not available. Here are tours that include Estonia along with other countries: Star Travel, Sedunia Travel 

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