Here Are The Dates For Cherry Blossom Season 2024 So You Can Plan Your Japan Trip

Mark your calendars!

Cover image via AJ/Unsplash & Yu Kato/Unsplash

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Witnessing cherry blossoms, or sakura, in full bloom is on every traveller's bucket list, but it can be quite tough to nail down the right time for a visit to Japan

The thing about these beautiful flowers is that they only last about two weeks.

Cherry blossom season in Japan typically takes places from late March until early April. But the exact timing changes every year, depending on factors such as weather and location.

Travellers from all over the world flock to Japan to watch the mesmerising sight of sakura trees paint the landscape in hues of pink and white, making it the busiest time to visit the country.

To ensure that your trip to Japan isn't disappointing, you'll need to plan it well in advance.

Image via AJ/Unsplash

According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC), here's a forecast for cherry blossom season in 2024, which was first announced on 10 January

According to predictions by the JMC, the earliest flowering is expected on 18 March in the city of Kochi.

Cherry blossoms reach full bloom about a week after they start opening. Generally, these flowers start falling off the tree about two weeks after the first bloom.

The JMC's estimate will be refined and reissued multiple times between January and April this year, with the next one due on 25 January.

As you're planning your trip, remember to keep these in mind:

1. Pack a jacket
Spring in Japan is often bone-chillingly cold, so be sure to dress accordingly.

2. Regularly check the cherry blossom forecast to see the blooms at their peak
During your trip, you may want to check the forecast daily for the most up to date information.

3. Be prepared for the crowds
Major cities and parks with sakura trees will be crowded. Besides that, it's likely that the trains will be packed. It's supposed to be a vacation after all, so allow yourself plenty of extra time when travelling from place to place.

4. Have fun and do as the locals do
Join in the festivities and have a hanami, also known as flower viewing, which is the traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms. Simply enjoy the ethereal view and soak up the local culture.

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