If Sleeping Is Your Favourite Hobby, Then You Need These Cosy Bamboo Bedsheets

Aesthetic and super soft.

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Sleep affects everything. But achieving eight hours of blissful shuteye doesn't come easy for everyone, making it a highly valuable investment in yourself.

And what better way to accomplish that than by getting yourself soft, cosy bedding?

"Oh, but that costs so much," you might say.

It might, but you don't buy sheets every day, so why not invest in something lasting that directly impacts your sleep.

Have I spoken to your soul yet? If yes, read on.

Awan Bedsheets is a homegrown business that sells really soft bamboo bedsheets, duvet covers, and pillow and bolster cases

And I'm confident enough to say this because I've tested them out myself.

Made of mushy bamboo pulp, the fibres are separated out and spun into yarn, making the fabric antibacterial, eco-friendly, cool, and breathable.

All very nice words that basically mean extremely SOFT, COMFY, and COOLING.

Honest opinion? I'm very excited to jump into bed every night. But now, even more so.

Image via SAYS

The material has a silky sheen to it that looks and feels quite luxe. It's almost like those fancy hotel sheets you wish you can take home.

Image via SAYS

A little detail that you might also appreciate is that the duvet cover comes with aesthetic buttons made out of coconut shells

These sounded like a hassle to me at first compared to a zip. But they're actually really easy to slip in and out because the duvet material is just that soft.

The buttons also make a lot more sense in the long run because zippers can get stuck on your blanket material if you tug it even the slightest wrong way. 

Image via SAYS

The bedsheet also includes a helpful indication of where the top and bottom should be, making it easy to put on.

Image via SAYS

The fitted bedsheets come in three neutral-toned colours: Clary Sage, Soft Clouds, and Ancient Ivory

All very soothing tones to immediately put your mind at ease after a long day.

With every order, you'll even get a sample of what the other colours look like.

Image via SAYS

These are the prices:
Fitted sheets: RM150 - RM225
Pillow cases: RM50
Bolster cases: RM55
Duvet covers: RM275 - RM350

Snag your own set or find out more about Awan Bedsheets here.

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