Your Office Could Be Invaded By Fly FM! From Cash Prizes To Free Food, Here's How To Join

Together with Berocca, the Fly FM team wants to help you beat the fatigue with this invasion. :D

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Berocca.

Have you been feeling tired at the office lately? We don't blame you.

From longer traffic times to increasingly busy schedules, all these factors play a major part in contributing to that fatigued feeling during the day. 

What's worse is when that tiredness affects our quality of work, ugh. It's safe to say that many of us would definitely benefit from being energised from the get-go.

No need to fret, cause Fly FM is here to help with the Berocca Office Invasion!

The Fly FM team, namely Elysha, Fifi, Rika, and Ryan, are teaming up with Berocca to invade your office — yes, they will actually come over — to help you beat the fatigue and give you the boost you need to take on the day, woohoo!

How, you ask? The announcers won't show up empty-handed; they will bring lunch, exclusive Fly FM merch, and even Berocca products for you to try. The best part is, you'll get all these goodies for free! :D

Taking place from 27 February to 17 March, you'll even get the chance to win cash vouchers from the Fly FM announcers, yasss!

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They'll have a fun Q&A session as well as mini games for you to participate in. Having the chance to win cash vouchers against your co-workers will surely extinguish every ounce of tiredness from your body as you get competitive. :P

But here's the catch — only three lucky offices will be selected to be a part of this office invasion

So if you want Fly FM to drop by your office, all you have to do is submit your entry via the radio station's website!

Follow these steps below:

STEP 1: Click the link here to submit your entry
STEP 2: Fill in your particulars, including the location, name, and address of your company
STEP 3: Tell Fly FM why you want them to invade your office
STEP 4: Hit the 'Submit' button, and you're all set! 

FYI, if your office is the chosen one, you'll be entitled to cash prizes too! Stay tuned to Fly FM's Facebook page for more deets. 

The office invasion with Fly FM is all part of Berocca's aim to help Malaysians stay energised and focused at work by starting off the day with essential vitamins

Coming in orange and mango flavours, these effervescent tablets are packed with 12 essential vitamins and minerals. This includes magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin C, and eight B vitamins to help reduce tiredness and fatigue to take on those extra-challenging days.

Remember, just one tablet a day is sufficient to give you the boost you need. Simply drop a tablet into a glass of water, let it dissolve, and it's ready to drink! 

Get free Berocca samples when Fly FM invades your office! Click here to submit your entry before it's too late.

Head over to Berocca's website to find out more about their effervescent tablets.

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