"Cost More Than My Savings" — Influencer Throws RM66,000 Birthday Bash For Her 2-Year-Old

"That's practically almost the cost of a small wedding."

Cover image via @naomineo (TikTok)

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There's no doubt that all parents think their children are worth the world, or are priceless for that matter.

One influencer, however, may have just proven that phrase to be true.

Singaporean YouTuber and blogger Naomi Neo has been an active presence on social media for numerous years. Documenting various happenings and stages in her life, Neo hasn't been afraid to broadcast her life to the public, even after becoming a mum over the past few years.

Recently, Neo posted a TikTok of her two-year-old daughter's birthday bash. Organising the event from top to bottom, the party was a hit in every way. As the event was dinosaur-themed, Neo got some help when it came to organising the interior decorations for the party.

With life-sized dinosaur figurines to a ball pit and slide, there was also a bouncy house and dinosaur cutlery to accompany the kids meal setting. Neo also featured an edible dinosaur sensory play area for the kids.

Screen grabs from the birthday party TikTok

Image via @naomineo (TikTok)

However, the festivities didn't come without a hefty price tag, as Neo revealed at the beginning of the TikTok that the entire birthday expenditure cost about SGD20,000 (approximately RM66,200).

Neo and her family.

Image via @naomineo (TikTok)

Drawing a big reaction online, many people were quick to chime in with their thoughts on Neo throwing such an expensive party for her child

"Her birthday party is [worth more] than my whole bank account," wrote one user, while others stated that if they were to tally the total cost of all their birthdays they've had into adulthood, it still wouldn't meet the amount spent on this party.

"I don't even have SGD20,000, let alone SGD20,000 for a birthday party!" penned another user.

A cheeky few even asked Neo to 'adopt' them in the comments section, saying they'd love it if a similar party were to be thrown for them too.

Giving context to their personal life, one user wrote, "Meanwhile, my parents will be complaining about the price of cake and stopped getting it for me. Built different for real!" they wrote.

One user even related the birthday party to Kardashian-esque events due to its luxurious outline.

Comparing the cost of the birthday to other things, some users even mentioned how the amount spent for the party could pay university tuition fees or cater to a small wedding

Nevertheless, a few people came to Neo's defence, stating that if she can afford to throw the birthday party, she should be allowed to spend on it, as it is for her child anyways.

"Can't a mom go all out for her daughter's birthday?" wrote one user.

Do you think RM60,000 is too much to spend on a child's birthday party? Let us know!

Watch the full TikTok of the birthday bash below:

@naomineo and netizens prolly gon’ say i don’t love my son now #birthdaysurprise #toddler #2yrsold #fyp Sure Thing (sped up) - Miguel

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