[VIDEOS] Here Are The Best Chinese New Year Ads Of 2021 That Will Give You All The Feels

#6 made us tear up a bit :')

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1. Get into the festive mood with this dramatic Watsons CNY ad, featuring local duo Summer Grace, plus lots of singing and dancing

Category: Dramatic | Funny | Musical

Lian Jie and Liu Jie (played by Summer Grace) used to be a famous singing duo back in the 90s, but one small fight ends their career. When Liu Jie's kids discover an old CD, they pakat with the rest of the extended family to bring the Liu Lian Sisters together, ngawww! <3

2. This cute emoji video by Gamuda Land will definitely cheer you up and put a smile on your face

Category: Dramatic | Funny | Feel-Good

Shot and produced remotely, Gamuda Land came up with this innovative video concept, using emojis as a representation of our emotions in virtual conversations. In the cute short film, Ah Bi's family is struggling to keep their kopitiam business afloat, and it's up to her to help everyone see eye-to-eye again.

3. This touching video by Panadol shows the determination of two boys who try to recreate their Ah Ma's love letters

Category: Touching | Nostalgic | Feel-Good

When Ah Ma gets too old to keep up her yearly CNY tradition of making love letters, her two grandsons take up the challenge to make it themselves. Determined to make Ah Ma proud, they bring out Ah Ma's traditional love letter molds, but discover it's not as easy as they thought it would be.

4. Follow Choy San Yeh and his assistant as they go around giving prosperity huat huat tips in this funny Yoodo video

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Feel-Good

The God of Prosperity and his personal assistant go around visiting homes, making sure everyone follows their tips to have a huat huat Chinese New Year. Everything goes well, until they meet Ah Boy, who doesn't seem to have any care for traditions or being with family.

5. COURTS reminds us that no matter how far apart we are, the love of a mother knows no bounds

Category: Touching | Feel-Good

Despite the pandemic, Ah Mei's mother is determined to make nian gao from scratch, because she knows how much Ah Mei loves it. However, what will she do when she discovers Ah Mei is no longer coming back for Chinese New Year?

6. This cute, yet heartwarming video by Maxis tells the story of a little boy who wants nothing but to be a lion dancer

Category: Touching | Inspirational | Feel-Good

A little boy dreams of following his family's footsteps to one day become the best lion dancer. However, no one in his family seems keen on teaching him, despite asking them countless times. Dejected and unhappy, he confronts his family, but is met with an unexpected answer instead.

7. Bring back all those childhood memories of collecting ang pow with this cute short film by Eu Yan Sang

Category: Nostalgic | Feel-Good

This short film tells the story of a young boy named Xiao Chen, who grew up with friends, neighbours, and relatives in the same flat. It's a good reminder to always remember the people who've played a part in our lives. <3 Plus, Xiao Chen's cute interactions with everyone will definitely put a smile on your face.

8. Based on a true story, RHB shows how the love of a father can carry his daughter through life's biggest challenges

Category: Touching | Inspirational | Feel-Good

Love Carries On follows the life of Ngu Nyok Ping, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and lost her mobility at a young age. Nevertheless, her father carried her to school every day and gave her the unconditional support that made her into who she is today. :')

9. Turn up the volume and bring on the old-school CNY vibes with TESCO's music video medley

Category: Dramatic | Funny | Musical

Need something to brighten up your CNY? Loosen up and don't take yourself too seriously with the TESCO ONG Medley, featuring five festive songs that you can keep playing on repeat. They even have karaoke style lyrics, so you can sing and follow along easily!

10. If you're looking for a wacky dramatic CNY video, it doesn't get much better than this McDonald's Golden Prosperity Burger ad

Category: Dramatic | Funny | Musical

So, I'm Jenn takes CNY ads to a whole other level with this hilarious video made to promote McDonald's all-new Golden Prosperity Burger. She and partner Jon Liddell even get their faces and hands painted in gold for this elaborate shoot.

11. This touching short film by Digi reminds us that we can still make this year's unfamiliar CNY celebrations a meaningful one

Category: Touching | Emotional

Based on a true story, Mr. Tan goes around delivering fresh fish to people during Chinese New Year. However, things have been different for him ever since losing his wife 5 years ago. Because of the pandemic, he won't even get to celebrate with his family. :(

Nevertheless, the short film reminds us that no matter where we are, who we spend CNY with, we can still make these unfamiliar celebrations meaningful.

12. This CNY music video by FOUN features some of your favourite TikTok trends

Category: Musical | Feel-Good

In collaboration with FOREFRONT, FOUN came up with a music video featuring everyday Malaysians, singing and dancing along to their original CNY song. What's cool is that it was shot virtually, and showcases some of the most popular TikTok trends.

13. Learn the art of tai chi-ing all your CNY chores with Grab

Category: Funny | Dramatic

In 2020, the Ong family learned how to tai chi HUAT-ever they needed for Chinese New Year to Grab. This year, the entire family seemed like they were ready to whip out all their tai chi moves again. But, they forgot one important thing – to download the Grab app! :O

14. Get ready for a good laugh with Spritzer's CNY video, featuring the superstitious Feng family

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Feel-Good

The Feng family is always superstitious, even down to the smallest thing. That's why they've invited the well-respected feng shui expert, Master Ong, to help them bring good health and luck into their home. However, upon investigation, Master Ong discovers a big problem - the home is filled with all "feng", but no "shui".

15. TNB reimagines the familiar Chinese legend of Nian, while adding a slight twist to it

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Feel-Good

Believing that a wise master holds the secret to defeating Nian and returning peace and prosperity to their village, a group of villagers go on an adventure to seek him out in his hidden cave. Directed by award-winning film director Quek Shio Chuan, the film is full of amazing stunts and fun antics, with a hilarious modern twist in a period drama setting.

16. This funny CNY video by IPC Shopping Centre tells the story of how the Ox decided to come out of hiding in 2021

Category: Funny | Inspirational | Feel-Good

This year hasn't been the best for the Ox. Not only did he lose his side income job, he also lost his endorsements. Sad and dejected, he stays cooped up at home... until Jack Chow the Rat calls him up to motivate him and get him out of hiding. This hilarious video by IPC Shopping Centre is a fun watch, and is a good reminder for us to not lose heart this niu year.

P.S. Look who got a cameo at 3:07! :D

17. Dive into a fantastical world of dancing lions with this CNY animated short film by PETRONAS

Category: Animation | Musical | Feel-Good

This refreshing take is inspired by the mythical tale of dancing lions who drove away evil spirits. In a village where lions move to the beat of the drums, everything turns bleak when one day the sound of the drums disappears. Watch how these lions rise above their challenges and find a new rhythm of joy.

18. Prudential wants to remind everyone that happiness can be found within, as long as we take the time to reflect on ourselves

Category: Touching | Emotional

The story revolves around Jean, a photographer who’s facing difficulty at work. One day, the mental strain causes her to pass out, and she suffers a mild stroke. As she spends the days resting at her parents' home, she rediscovers the things that used to bring her joy and happiness.

19. Maybank just released a series of hilarious videos teaching you how to "MAE-ke it ONG" this Chinese New Year

Category: Funny | Dramatic

Maybank wants to help you "MAE-ke it ONG" this festive season, with secrets from MAE-kor for a luckier CNY. Whether it's sending your loved ones e-Angpao, or using Scan & Pay to get your CNY goodies, the all-new MAE app has got you covered!

Check out the whole playlist of videos here.

20. Malaysia Airlines' video features unique CNY reunion dinner dishes that you've probably never thought of cooking before

Category: Fun | Feel-Good

Since Ah Ma can't prepare reunion dinner this year, everyone has to crack their brains to cook up a storm. But instead of the usual traditional Chinese dishes, each family member is making a dish from their country of choice – and each dish holds a really special meaning.

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