[VIDEOS] Check Out These 14 Must-Watch Chinese New Year Ads Of 2020

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1. Watsons is back with another #HappyBeautifulYear video, but this time it's bigger, better, and more dramatic than ever before!

This year, Watsons once again hits the mark, showcasing the funny yet relatable struggle between different generations. You won't want to miss all the family drama, elaborate and colourful costumes, plus another epic rendition of their iconic Ban Leng Leng jingle.

2. Celcom shows how technology can help us celebrate meaningful moments together, no matter where we are

In Celcom's CNY ad, A Time for All, a boy away from home uses technology like drones, virtual reality, and smart appliances to be part of the festivities. If you don't get to travel home for Chinese New Year this year, you'll definitely relate to this one!

3. McDonald's shares the joy and festive spirit with over 60 old folks' homes around Malaysia

This Chinese New Year, McDonald's wants to remind Malaysians to cherish moments with their loved ones. For the fourth year in a row, McDonald's is bringing the festive cheer to various old folks' homes. The touching celebrations will make you wanna hug your mum and ah ma!

4. Grab wants to help you tai chi all your Chinese New Year chores away in this hilarious kung fu style video

What happens when your family makes you do all the chores like cleaning the house and buying CNY hampers? Master the art of tai chi together with Little Bro. It's so funny, you'll confirm watch this on repeat!

5. Petronas shows how every person comes together to bring joy to the family in this cute Hokkien CNY ad

A clever play on words, Bao Bei means precious baby, but can also mean blanket. Watch what happens when grandmother takes old clothes of uncles, aunties, and cousins to sew something beautiful for the smallest one in the family.

6. Apple's CNY ad is a touching story of how a single mum raises her young daughter on her own after leaving home

Shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple's CNY ad Daughter is inspired by true stories and created by award-winning directors and cinematographers. The story shows the tension between mother and daughter, as well as the struggle of raising children as a single parent. FYI, you probably should grab some tissues before watching this one.

7. Tenaga Nasional Berhad takes you on a virtual reality tour that's fun, dramatic and hilarious - you may even shed a tear at the end :')

What starts off as a predictable plot of 'boy being too busy to visit home', turns into an unexpected and entertaining story that'll keep your eyes glued to the screen. While the main character is transported home and enjoying his VR headset experience, he inadvertently sets off a trail of destruction at his workplace.

8. Daikin brings in all the feels with a story that explores the struggles of losing a family member

Daikin's short film, The Twins, is a heart-wrenching story of a mother who cannot deal with the loss of her son. Thoughtfully written and full of subtle nuances, you'll need to watch this CNY ad twice to fully appreciate it.

9. Hong Leong Bank explores the cute perspective of a little girl who's trying to make her way up to the grown ups' table

This super cute short film will definitely put a smile on your face, especially if you understand the feeling of having to sit at the children's table during CNY. Will the little girl be able to upgrade from nuggets and fries to abalone and steamed prawns? Watch the video to find out.

10. HUAWEI's short and simple video reminds us that we may miss the reunion, but the pictures can bring us together

Even if you're away from home this Chinese New Year, HUAWEI wants to bring you and your family together through pictures and shared moments on your devices. Who says you have to be there in person to be part of the family portrait? ;P

11. EcoWorld reminisces on the good times shared around the family table, and how some things never seem to change

We all remember gathering around a table during Chinese New Year, whether it's as kids or adults, with friends or family. This year's EcoWorld CNY ad features a heartfelt monologue, reminding us some things never change when we're together.

12. Sunway uses an 'airlines safety video' to teach you proper CNY etiquette when visiting loved ones

From "stowing" your bags, to putting your phones away, Sunway wants to give you helpful tips when you visit your loved ones this CNY. It's a lighthearted video that you'll relate to. P.S. Share it to your friends and fam who are coming over to your house this festive season.

13. Gamuda Land inspires us to do the little we can to bring a smile on someone's face

When a young boy gets picked on for being physically disabled, his brave friend comes to his rescue while a teacher watches from a distance. Based on a true story, find out how little actions of kindness turn this young boy's tears into smiles. :)

14. Prudential's funny, yet heartwarming short film challenges the way we view traditions and family expectations

Tasked with mastering the art of making his family's noodles passed down for 18 generations, a young boy finds his own way of keeping the family tradition alive. Hilarious, yet close to home, this is a CNY ad worth watching together with your entire fam.

Did we miss some of your favourite CNY ads from 2020? Share with us in the comments and tell us why you loved them!

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