[VIDEO] The Girls Of '5 Sekawan' Are Back With An Exciting New CNY Adventure

It's all about trying to make their newest member feel welcome.

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The much-loved girls of Celcom's '5 Sekawan' are back again, bringing with them more action, mischief, and adventure!

Since their introduction on Malaysia Day in 2017, the loveable group of friends have been a hit with the Malaysian audience, leading Celcom to bring them back again and again for their festive videos every year.

Their friendship shows the true Malaysian spirit by evoking strength, unity, and love, despite their different backgrounds. The unique stories of these 5 girls are relatable to all Malaysians, invoking nostalgia among older audiences, while connecting with younger audiences.

For CNY this year, the fan favourite gang's 7th installment is titled '5 Sekawan Beraksi Lagi' and it's all about trying to make their newest member feel welcome

In the previous installment ('5 Sekawan Kembali Atas Permintaan Ramai' for Deepavali 2018), we were introduced to a new character named Chong when he was adopted by Kumari's family.

This will be his first Chinese New Year with the gang and a new family, so the girls end up going through all kinds of antics to make the festive season more special for him. Those who were curious about Chong will also get to learn more about him, as this short film gives him more dynamics and background.
Watch it now to see what they get up to:

From getting into trouble at the market... battling a crab in their attempts to cook dinner

The girls really went all out to make sure Chong had the most memorable CNY of his life!

Celcom's short film once again shows off the unique diversity of Malaysia, and also expresses the spirit of what Chinese New Year is all about - how love unites us all

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much ang pow you get or how much food you manage to stuff yourself with, it’s all about embracing the spirit of togetherness and unity. So this CNY, make sure to spend time with your loved ones and grow your relationships to be stronger. No matter your differences, love brings everyone together. As Celcom puts it, "love bridges the gap of our differences”.

Celcom wishes you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year! May it be a wonderful time spent together for all of you to grow closer.

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