Coca-Cola Is Offering You A Chance To Win A Five-Day K-Pop Experience In Seoul

Just follow three simple steps to join the competition.

Cover image via Coca-Cola (Facebook) & Gangnam

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

K-pop fans, this one's for you.

Coca-Cola's latest contest might be your getaway to an epic hallyu experience in South Korea!

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From freaking out over K-idols and new music video drops to getting emotionally invested in your favourite oppa and unni's onscreen love lives, it's safe to say that Korean pop music and dramas have earned a loving place in the hearts of many across the world, Malaysians included.

We've even fallen in love with popular Korean delicacies (mmm, sundubu-jjigae, anyone?), and pretty aesthetics that often influence our sense of style and home decor. <3

Now, this is where Coca-Cola comes swinging in with a sweet surprise for fans of all things South Korean. 

Running from now until 31 July, Coca-Cola's Epic Music Promo boasts an all-inclusive five-day trip to Seoul as the grand prize

All you gotta do to win is find the unique code under any Coca-Cola drink cap or tab to win the K-pop experience in South Korea.

The promo codes can be found in Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry, Sprite, and A&W Sarsaparilla, which will feature the contest's QR code on the label.

Pssst, the more unique codes you find, the higher the chances of scoring a prize for yourself. ;)

On top of the grand prize, there are more than a thousand cool prizes to be won every day and week

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via National Geographic

They include music tech gadgets and electronics, such as the Marshall Monitor ii ANC 0750, Marshall Woburn III Black 1781, and Marshall Willen 0323, as well as exciting gift vouchers.

The best part is, participating in the contest is easy-peasy.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Look for the promo code under the cap or tab of participating products
Step 2:
Head over to the campaign site to register and submit your promo code
Step 3: Wait for the announcement of successful entries!

Winners will be contacted by their registered phone number.

Already dreaming of the ultimate hallyu experience in Seoul?

Then you know the drill. Grab yourself your favourite Coca-Cola drink and join the Epic Music Promo contest today!

For more information, you can visit Coca-Cola's campaign site

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