You Can Now Rent Quality Mattresses From Coway And It Comes With Free Cleaning Services

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

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Did you know that nine out of 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep disorders in their lifetimes?

This difficulty in falling asleep leads to feeling tired and unrested in the morning, as well as causes physical discomfort like neck and back aches.

While chronic sleep disorders aren't easily curable, something as simple as getting a good quality mattress can go a long way in making sure you get a good night's sleep.

Coway has recently released their new Prime Series Mattress that's super comfortable, but still provides good support for your back and spine

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It's made from premium natural latex that creates a unique balance of soft comfort while still providing proper support for your spine. Besides that, the latex material is also allergen-free and provides material breathability.

The mattress also includes coconut fibre, which acts as a body support as well as provides moisture-absorbing properties. Plus, its anti-static fabric further helps to improve your sleep by absorbing all the static from your body and releasing it into the air.

What makes the Prime Series Mattress unique is its 5-zone pocket springs that react differently according to your natural body curves

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With its flexible, strong springs, it can adapt to different body weights and movements. It also reduces motion transfer of your partner, so even if you're sleeping next to someone that can't stop moving around in their sleep, you'll still be able to peacefully catch your much-needed Zs.

The addition of memory foam further takes stress off your joints, as it's able to contour to your curves to evenly support each part of your body. Plus, the topper is changeable which will help keep the mattress at optimum hygiene levels.

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There's a mattress for everyone, no matter what kind of position you like to sleep in. The Coway Firm is a good choice for those who sleep on their backs, while those who prefer to sleep on their sides should opt for the Coway Soft.

If you don't want to buy the Prime Series Mattress, you can also choose to rent it, from as low as RM139 per month

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This means you can pay less, but still enjoy better sleep and wake up feeling well-rested. But whether you rent or buy, you'll still have access to Coway's 7-Step Mattress Care Service, which ensures that your mattress is always in tip-top condition.

Here's what the service includes:
- Step 1: Dust Level Measuring
- Step 2: Frame Cleaning
- Step 3: Frame Wiping
- Step 4: Side Edge Cleaning
- Step 5: Mattress Cleaning
- Step 6: Dust Mite Repellent
- Step 7: UV Sterilisation

Or, you could even get one for free by joining Coway's Dirty Talk contest

Coway - Dirty Talk

We got three couples to get down and talk dirty! Watch Naddy Zamani, Epul Eusoff, Maggy Wang, Joseph Lee, Cindy and Eddie dish out the truth about their partner's dirtiest habits in bed. Tell us, what's your partner's dirtiest bedtime habit? [CONTEST] Follow the simple steps below and you stand a chance to bring our Prime Series Mattress home for free! 1. Tell us what's your partner's dirtiest bedtime habit in the comment section below. 2. Tag your partner. 3. Hashtag #CowayDirtyTalkContest. Contest ends 31st March 2020. *Terms and conditions applied: #CowayMalaysia #CowayChangesYourLife #CowayPrimeSeriesMattress #CowayMattressCareService

Posted by Coway Malaysia on Friday, March 6, 2020

Watch the fun video above of young Malaysian couples spilling the tea on each other's 'dirty' bedroom habits. Y'all confirm can relate one, hehe!

Then, leave a comment here about your partner’s ‘bedroom pet peeve’ or ‘dirty’ habits in bed. Make sure to include #CowayDirtyTalkContest in your comment. That's it!

Contest period: Now - 31 March 2020

Here's what you could win:

1x Grand Prize: Coway Prime Series Mattress
- Mattress only
- Winner can choose the size they want
- Inclusive of free Mattress Care Service for one year

10x Consolation Prizes: Free mattress care service for one year

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.

Start getting better sleep with the Coway Prime Series Mattress today! Goodnight and sweet dreams zzzzz.

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