Get Into The Feels And Go On A Throwback Trip To Your Childhood With This Deepavali Video

You'll confirm wanna hug your parents after watching this! T__T

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Central Sugars Refinery (CSR).

As we grow up and get busy with our own lives, it can be easy to forget just how much our parents have done for us

From teaching us how to do basic things like walk, read, and eat to driving us to school and taking us on holidays, our parents have been there for us every step of the way. And they don't ask for much in return — just our love. <3

But with our crazy hectic daily lives that are filled with all kinds of responsibilities, it can be easy to get caught up in things and forget to show our appreciation to our parents. Worse still, we sometimes get frustrated at them, especially when they ask us 10 billion things about tech stuff.

If questions like "Girl, why aunty cannot hear me on this video call?" or "Boy, why my computer not working?" sound familiar, you know what we mean.

It is exactly those elements that are explored in Central Sugars Refinery (CSR)'s Deepavali story, titled Remember, which follows a young woman who gets reminded to appreciate her mother.

Watch it below:

Warning: You better keep some tissues close! :')

Omgggg, the opening scene itself makes us feel like crying already! Cannot tahan lah seeing Geetha's mother look so upset when her daughter snaps at her. T___T

Image via CSR

Geetha's mother: "Help me... why can't she hear me? Geetha... Geetha..."

Geetha: "What, Amma? How many times must I teach you? It's so simple! Later la!"

Noticing what happened, Geetha's father doesn't say anything at first. But throughout the day, he subtly reminds his daughter of her childhood memories with her mother, awwww.

Image via CSR

Geetha's father: "You remember or not who taught you how to cook? It's not easy to teach someone to cook this good. I remember, it was so messy, flour everywhere!"

From how to read to how to eat with her hands, and even how to cook special dishes, there are so many things that Geetha's mum taught her

Image via CSR

Regretting her actions, Geetha takes the time to sit down with her mother on Deepavali day to teach her something in return — how to make a video call.

BRB, gonna go dry our tears and hug our parents now! <3

Image via CSR

This Deepavali, CSR wants to encourage us all to not forget those who made us who we are today

Just like in Remember, let's make it a point to show our love for our parents, not just during the festive season, but always. Without them, we wouldn't be the people we are today.

So, while it's natural for life to get in the way, we should try our best to spend time with them. And remember, just have a little patience when it comes to teaching them new things. After all, they were the ones who taught us the simplest things in life.

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