9 SPM Subjects On DidikTV's YouTube To Help Your Teens With Some Last Minute Prep

DidikTV has over 50 SPM videos on YouTube to stream and revise.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently launched DidikTV, a new TV channel dedicated to solving the problems faced in home-based learning and teaching (PdPR)

Not only is DidikTV available on MyTV, Astro, and TV Unifi, but on YouTube as well. This is especially helpful if your teens need to catch up on videos at their own pace and take occasional breaks in between. 

The best part? Your teens can easily stream the videos from their phones or tablets with no distractions at all. 

Meanwhile, the SPM 2020 examinations are just days away, which means Form 5 students will need all the help they can get, right?

Check out the SPM subjects available on DidikTV YouTube:

1. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Bahasa Melayu

DidikTV has experienced teachers that will give pointers on using the right keywords and peribahasa in order to write better. Also, the channel has Bahasa Melayu revision videos as well.

2. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Bahasa Inggeris

The Bahasa Inggeris subject can be difficult because of complicated grammar, confusing conjunctions, and so on. But fret not, as Madam Jojo shares tips on how to avoid mistakes that most students tend to overlook for both Paper 1 and 2. 

3. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Sejarah

Still struggling to remember Sejarah facts or often get confused about whether your pointers can score full marks? Check out this video where Puan Norhayati highlights ways to write concise explanations and how to answer High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions effectively. 

4. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Matematik

Check out this Matematik revision lesson conducted by Encik Arzman, who not only teaches in an engaging and fun manner, but constantly gives words of encouragement. He also shares how much time students should spend on each question, in order to have time to check through their papers.

5. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Pendidikan Moral

Misspelling moral values when answering questions will ultimately result in the deduction of marks. Other than that, Pendidikan Moral teacher, Kaladevi, also shares a variety of ways to solve questions, in addition to taking note of important issues that are often examined.

6. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Biologi

Check out Biologi teacher, Puan Rama Letchumy, who takes the time to carefully explain each question and the keywords needed in order to score well for the subject. She also points out the common mistakes students tend to make without realising it.

On the other hand, DidikTV also offers revision lessons on Sains, Fizik, and Kimia.

7. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Matematik Tambahan

If Matematik Tambahan still proves challenging – rest assured, as Puan Rohani, who has 32 years of experience in teaching, shares areas and questions students need to work on in order to score. She also goes through routine, non-routine, and HOTS questions throughout the lesson. 

8. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Prinsip Perakaunan

A problem question in Prinsip Perakaunan carries a lot of marks, as it breaks down into a series of sub-questions for students to answer. 

Puan Che Noraini shares tips on how to ensure the profit and loss statement balances, and the importance of writing down figures early on so that students wouldn't forget to include them. 

9. DidikTV Road To Success SPM 2020 | Pendidikan Islam

In this Pendidikan Islam lesson, Ustaz Amri explains each objective question and answer in detail. Additionally, he also shares tips to ensure full marks for the subjective questions. 

BONUS: DidikTV also shares helpful tips on eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet in order to prepare for the exam

Preparing for exams can be pretty stressful, plus students would be busy with late-night revisions, memorising, and fact-checking.

However, it is still important for your teens to look after their health and get an adequate amount of sleep, in order to have the energy to answer the questions and power through the exam month.

Check out the full YouTube playlist, which also features other subjects and tonnes of revision videos here.

Good luck, SPM students! You got this.

DidikTV also broadcasts live on channel 107 on MyTV, channel 147 on Astro, and channel ntv7 on TV Unifi.

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