WTH Is Dodgeball? Pros Explain Under 2 Minutes!

Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge!

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Did you know that the Malaysian dodgeball team was the runner-up in the world championships last year?

Over the last couple of years, the dodgeball community in Malaysia has been growing and gaining more popularity. They're a friendly bunch, who are always happy to welcome more members and supporters to the community. So hey, if you're interested in some good fun, or you have some rage you wanna let out, we hear dodgeball is a pretty good outlet!

In fact, they will be heading to Melbourne again this year in October for the World Championships!

Determined to bring back the Gold for the country, the Malaysian male and females teams are all pumped up for their 5th year at the World Championships, happening on the 19th till 22nd October 2016. So head on over to their website and Facebook page to show your support and wish them luck! :)

Also, go give dodgeball a try and have fun!

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