What The Heck Is #FindDali, And Why Is It All Over KL?

You would know it if you've seen it, and you're probably as clueless as we are.

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You may have come across #FindDali billboards, radio ads, or social media posts in the past few weeks

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Most of the billboards or social media posts showcase this face along with seemingly random questions. And at first, we weren't quite sure what to think about it.

In fact, netizens have been puzzled as to who Dali is, and have voiced out their curiosity all over the Internet

Eager to discover what #FindDali was all about, we headed over to their website at

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Here, you can submit questions of anything under the sun and the mysterious Dali will reply to you with a personalised answer each time. There were people asking random questions about how to buy car insurance and how to find Dali, and some even seeking for life advice.

The answers that Dali came up with were often sarcastic, doused with Malaysian humour, and sometimes actually very useful—like where to get lunch at Desa Park City.

We decided to give it a try, and asked Dali who he was

Image via FindDali

When we tried to dig a little deeper, though...

Image via FindDali

And while Dali can take a joke, he seems to always steer clear of any foul language

Image via FindDali

#FindDali will be revealing who Dali actually is in an exclusive event on 6 September 2018

Image via Meme Gen

It sucks but even we don't know the time and location where Dali will be making his appearance yet. So stay tuned to FindDali's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more info.

In the meantime, head over to and try asking Dali the questions you've always wanted to ask. Share with us what kind of responses you get in the comments section!

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